6 Tips for Wedding Season Travel

We are in the midst of wedding season and I am just a few days away from flying to my first wedding of the year! This month I will be making two trips out to the Midwest to see my college friends get married and attend my first Kwanjula ceremony. (Kwanjula is a Ugandan ceremony that means to “introduce,” during this ceremony the bride to be introduces her future husband and his family to her family).  I can’t wait to celebrate both couples and catch up with old friends =o)

When you have family and friends scattered around the world it means that attending weddings requires traveling and I think that’s a perfect excuse to travel. But it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine traveling to a wedding, so I’ve come up with a list of tips to share with you:

| How not to break the bank |


Not only are wedding themselves expensive but the guests who are flying in for the occasion don’t have it cheap either. I booked my first round trip flight ahead of time, the moment we got the save the dates, with my favorite US airline – Southwest. I love booking with them because you can change or cancel flights without worrying about paying a fee. So in case something comes up with the wedding or my travel plans I can easily change my flight. For international wedding travels I recommend booking well in advance. But wait on the accommodations, usually the bride and groom have a group discount at a hotel by the venue that you can use. I like to spread out my travel purchases so I don’t blow my budget all at once.

| How to look rejuvenated when you arrive |



Airplane travel can dry your skin out, I know it doesn’t do wonders to my skin. I like to pack my SEPHORA Eye Mask when I travel, which if you read my blog know that I continuously post about. You can wear them on the plane or the morning of the wedding before you put on your makeup. This way you look fresh and awake for the wedding photos. Staying hydrated is very beneficial so make sure to drink lots of water. If you have a thermos bring it along, you can fill it up with water once you get through security. I travel with this Hydro Flask .

| How to stay healthy while traveling |



Airport food is ridiculously overpriced and airplane food contains a ton of sodium. Without overspending at the airport and staying healthy I like to bring my own snacks. Thankfully for both trips I have direct flights so I won’t have long layovers. I’ll be packing almonds, fruit and salt free pretzels (you can find these at Whole Foods).

| What to pack |


When I travel for a wedding I always like to have my shoes and dress with me in my carry on. A few summers ago I traveled to Czech for my cousin’s wedding  and made sure to pack my gown for the wedding with me in my backpack. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and find out the airline lost your baggage and your outfit for the wedding. That could be a disaster. I also love to travel with my PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer that I use to unwrinkle my clothing that has been in the suitcase, I’ve shared this amazing tool in a few blog posts too.

 |Play with accessories |


Take this opportunity to do a little shopping for yourself. I bought these two sets of earrings for the wedding from Express.  I probably would never think to buy these but I loved picking out new accessories to wear with my newly bought outfits.

| Most of all have fun |

Whether you are single, taken or it’s complicated remember that you are celebrating the love of two people – who probably spent a sh*t ton on the big day. Enjoy the wedding, seeing family and friends you may have not otherwise seen and eat all the food you want. Take in the atmosphere and if it’s an open bar have a drink on the bride and groom.

Hope you’ve found these tips helpful if you are traveling this wedding season. If you have any tips you’d like to share leave them in the comments below =o)

x the Adventurer

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33 thoughts on “6 Tips for Wedding Season Travel

  1. I can’t believe wedding season is already here! OH man, flights can get expensive! I love Southwest where it is cheap BUT still give excellent customer service. Oooh! The face mask is such a good idea. Good way to keep your skin healthy.

    I never thought about carrying a portable steamer. This could’ve been useful during my work travel trips XD. Thanks for sharing ♥

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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