Las Vegas Adventure Essentials

Oh Vegas, you never disappoint and this time was exceptionally fun. Last weekend my cousin graduated from UNLV and a big group of our family flew/drove to Las Vegas to celebrate. If I’m being honest, had he gone to school elsewhere I doubt all of us would have made it for the special day. But he chose a great city to study in and that made for one of the most memorable weekends I’ve had with this side of the family.

With a schedule packed full with the graduation ceremony, pool party, going out in the city of sin and mother’s day brunch it was a bit tricky knowing what to pack but I think I managed pretty well .


C2O Pure Coconut Water – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate when you are in Vegas. A few years ago we went to the EDC festival which is actually going on this weekend in Vegas and it was so dry and hot that I don’t think I’ve ever consumed more water. Remember Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert and if you are partying you will need to hydrate yourself. I was one of the few who drove and I didn’t have to worry about the amount of liquid I was bringing with me so I brought two of these C2O Pure Coconut Water cartons along.

Dress – one of my favorite stores in Chicago, Akira, was my go to when it came to dress shopping. I had actually bought this dress for a wedding but realized it was a little too tight and revealing for the wedding I was going to. Instead I kept it in my closet for the next occasion. I did wear it for my going away party in Chicago last summer and figured enough time had passed since I posted on Instagram wearing this dress that it was alright to wear it again. This dress was the perfect look for a night out in Las Vegas.

SEPHORA Eye Mask – If you go out in Vegas it is rare that you get back to your hotel before 2 am. We strolled into our hotel around 6 am Sunday morning, just five hours before we were supposed to meet for Mother’s day brunch. I got in about four hours of sleep and that meant I needed a little help to look ready for brunch. These eye masks have come in handy while I travel and they were a lifesaver that morning.

Swimsuit – if you are going to a pool party while in Vegas make sure to bring a cute swimsuit. The swimsuit becomes your party outfit while you sip on your favorite cocktail by the pool all day.

Hat – An afternoon pool party requires a chick swimsuit but also some protection against the sun. This hat was a gift from my mom for our Caribbean cruise a few years ago. It’s been a fun hat to wear, I even wore it to my first Derby Day race.

Sunglasses – The bright sun is blinding in the desert so it’s important to bring a good pair of sunglasses, like these Tory Burch sunglasses. This is my newest pair I bought in February and the most I’ve even spent on a pair of sunglasses but they are worth the investment. Also I cannot get into the small sunglass trend that celebrities are wearing, I’d like to avoid having my retina fried by the sun.

Sun Bum Sunscreen – this was one of the items in my Things I’m Lovin’ post and of course I brought it with me on this trip. It was my go to all afternoon during the pool party and I didn’t get sunburned.

Heels – a night out in Las Vegas requires the perfect dress and of course heels. I bought these a few weeks ago and have worn them multiple times already. Nine West is one of my favorite shoe companies, they do make comfy shoes.

Small Purse –  lastly don’t forget to pack a good purse with you that you can carry when you go out. This has been my going out purse for a few years and I got it for $10 at Marshalls =o)

This trip to Las Vegas was an adventure and I’m glad I had all my essentials packed with me. Hope these tips are helpful if you are heading to Vegas this summer to party or need inspiration on what to pack for a busy weekend celebrating with family and friends.

x the Adventurer

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57 thoughts on “Las Vegas Adventure Essentials

  1. Love how you got to go out to Las Vegas! Congrats to your cousin for graduating! These are great things to buy and bring to Vegas. It is so important to stay hydrated. I’ve read so many cases where someone passed out because they didn’t drink enough water at EDC. Thanks for sharing ♥

    Nancy ♥

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  2. Being of a much older generation my list would be co siderably different – notably, comfortable low heeled, comfortable evening shoes, and a slimming one piece bathing suit with a matching half sarong. See what you have to look forward to in a few decades….. lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhhhh VEGAS! We love it so much :). And it sounds like you did it well! We want to go to EDC sometime, it sounds pretty epic! But I think we’d need to bring gallons of coconut water haha. The face/eye masks are so helpful too. 6am?! Girl, I’m just impressed haha. So glad you guys had fun!

    Susie |

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  4. I never tried the coconut water, I’m a little suspicious it might be sweet? I don’t know, I think I might check it out this week, apparently it does wonders for the skin. I would probably pack exactly what you did and late hate myself for not taking some flat shoes to change my heels. Last night I went for the bachelorette party and had to walk barefoot for half of it!

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    1. Coconut water is soo good! Look for one that doesn’t have added sugar and it won’t seem as sweet.
      That’s why I love these shoes, they are so comfortable to walk in! Also I like to carry band aids with me just in case my feet do start to hurt


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