6 Reasons to visit Whistler, Canada

This trip to Canada has officially confirmed that Whistler is on the top of my list for ski destinations. Not only did I get to celebrate my birthday there but we also had four days of perfect skiing.  Every day I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the picturesque scenery around me. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit in the summer months but for now here are my reasons to visit Whistler in the winter:

| Natural Beauty |

If you’ve driven up from Vancouver to Whistler you know how absolutely beautiful the drive is. Once you leave the city you drive two hours up the Sea-to-Sky Highway to the mountains. I didn’t manage to get photos as we were driving up unfortunately so instead I’ve put together some of the shots I took while skiing. It was rejuvenating to see all of the natural beauty and no matter which way you look the view is jaw dropping.

Whistler Mountain
Blue bird day – looking out toward Whistler from Blackcomb
Whistler Panorama
View from Crystal Hut
Skiing Blackcomb
Skiing Blackcomb – looking out towards the Peak 2 Peak

 |Elevation |

For those who get altitude sickness but love to ski/snowboard then Whistler is the place for you. At 2,198 feet above sea level you are not as high as other ski resorts. Each morning it felt amazing to walk outside and take in the fresh air. There is enough humidity in the air so your skin doesn’t feel as dry and you can breathe easy.

Ski Whistler
Skiing Whistler side

 | Whistler Village |

One of the great things about Whistler even if you aren’t there to ski/snowboard is the Village. Located centrally in town, the Village is divided into several areas that are connected by paved pedestrian only zones. All along the path are stores, bars, hotels and restaurants. Open all year round the village has something for everyone. We spent an evening exploring the shops and taking advantage of the currency exchange (the US dollar is higher than the Canadian). The Olympic rings are still on display from the 2010 Winter Games, a perfect spot for a photo. While you are strolling around make sure to stop at one of my favorite stores: Roots. They sell the comfiest sweatpants and lounge wear. As I write this I am wearing my Whistler Roots sweatpants =o)

Whistler Village
Walking through the village

Whistler Village Olympic Rings

olympic rings
2010 Olympic rings
Roots store
Olympics and yoga
Naturally I had to do a headstand =o)

| Food and drinks |

Of course I have to mention the food! We took advantage of the variety of restaurants in the Village and treated ourselves a few nights: Earls for dinner with family friends to celebrate a special event, Splitz Grill for a fun and quick meal, Sachi Sushi for my birthday celebration and Teppan Village for the last night. For my birthday we were a part of twelve and Sachi Sushi was amazing at accommodating such a large party. I recommend all of these places, you really can’t go wrong. One night we stopped by Amsterdam Café Pub for warm drinks. Unfortunately we found out some bad news the first night: you can no longer get Beaver Tails anywhere in Whistler. I was so excited to indulge in the fried dough pastry but when we went to find the place they told us they no longer serve them. Thankfully Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory was open and went there instead.

Sachi Sushi
Cheers! We ate a lot of sushi
Left: Grabbing drinks at Amsterdam Cafe Pub; Right: Tim Hortons Coffee was a must 
Left: Dinner at Earls; Right: Lunch at Rendezvous on Blackcomb side

Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryCaramel Apples

| Blackcomb /Whistler – Peak to Peak |

Home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains offer various runs for all levels. We ventured to both ski resorts (your pass works at both) taking the Peak 2 Peak gondola ride each time. For eleven minutes you glide between the peaks for 4.4 km / 2.73 miles. While on the mountain you have to experience this ride whether or not you are skiing/snowboarding. They offer passes for those who simply want to take the gondola for the view and you can even wait for one of the few gondolas that have clear glass bottoms.

Peak 2 Peak

Left: Peak 2 Peak; Right: View looking down 
Left: You can also take photos with the Olympic rings at the top of the Peak 2 Peak on the Whistler side; Right: My new Volkl skis 
Left: Peak 2 Peak Whistler side; Right: Good lunch spot on Blackcomb side – the Rendezvous

 |Crystal Hut |

One of our favorite places to stop for lunch while we are on the mountain is at Crystal Hut, located on the Blackcomb side. The moment you ski up to Crystal Hut you are welcomed with the sweet aroma of Belgian waffles.  The place is small so I recommend going before or after the lunch hour rush.

Crystal Hut
So good the waffles deserved two photos =o)

As you can see Whistler is pretty amazing.  We had a blast the five days we were up there, I wish we could have stayed longer. Next time we will hopefully make it in the summer months, I’d love to see British Columbia when it’s warm =o)

x the Adventurer

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64 thoughts on “6 Reasons to visit Whistler, Canada

  1. I have family who live close to Whistler and they’re always trying to get me to visit. I didn’t realize how beautiful and picturesque this place really is – might have to finally take them up on their offer. Also, I LOVE ROOTS. I get excited when I get goodies from there.

    cabin twenty-four

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I definitely should have eaten breakfast this morning, because now I’m hungry! Those candy apples look so good and I can never pass up waffles. I haven’t been to Whistler yet, but I also haven’t been to many places in Canada either. It’s definitely on my list! I would love to just explore Canada for a solid month.

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’ve heard so many positive things about Whistler! The view truly does look special and ever so dramatic – wow! I can imagine the lighting is incredible there for photos as well, so high up, haha 😉 Whistler Village also looks super special. Definitely a place to add to my travel-wishlist after reading this!

    aglassofice.com x

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Whistler is amazing – we have been there on a skiing trip many many years ago and loved it! It is not only great for skiing but there are so many fantastic restaurants & bars – thank you so much for bringing back happy memories. Would love to visit during the summer months. Have a wonderful Easter weekend ♡

    Miriam xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m not too great with cold weather, but honestly I think it’d be worth the sacrifice. Whilst I don’t think I will pack up my bags and leave just yet (university etc), I would definitely love to visit. It seems like it has such a great vibe to it, and the elevation would be good as I’m used to living at the top of mountains and hills and being able to ski and snowboard and everything. Adore these photographs also.

    Wandering Everywhere

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I’ve only been lucky enough to visit Toronto Canada and I had an amazing time. So I know Whistler would blow my mind. I don’t ski but I would love to learn in Canada. I experienced elevation sickness when I was in Denver, it was no joke, but I got through it. Whistler Village is beautiful. I need some of the waffles from Crystal Hut.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Whistler has been on my list of destinations since I was in high school. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to experience snowboarding there! While CO has incredible resorts to ski at, we still want to start exploring new mountains in other countries. Not to mention having a little more air to breath would be amazing!
    It looks like you all had SO much fun. And those waffles…. YES please!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    Liked by 2 people

  8. You lucky girl! I love skiing (but at the moment I am not sure it is the best idea being pregnant in week 31!) 😀
    I have never tried skiing in Canada – only in Europe, but everything looks amazing! The sun, the mountains, the food – especially the sushi!
    And Happy belayed Birthday, lovely!

    X Louise


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  9. Wow, looks like you had a great time! These photos of the landscape are incredible, I’m insanely jealous. And all that food looks absolutely delicious. Glad you had such a great birthday! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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