Inspired by Travel with Inkmade

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am excited to share the work of my friend Fariha, the founder of Inkmade, with all of you xx

Traveling has inspired many things in my life, it’s one of the reasons I chose to pursue architecture and why I started this blog.  Travel has also inspired my very talented friend, Fariha, the founder and designer of Inkmade, a textile and paper good company. The two of us met in Chicago where we studied architecture together and bonded over our love of seeing the world. After graduating Fariha founded Inkmade and since has been featured in numerous articles and presented at PechaKucha in Chicago. Her latest collection, launched last week, not only draws inspiration from her architecture background but also her travels.



I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Farhia’s collection and wear the Terrain Scarf while exploring Barcelona, Spain. One afternoon as we strolled around the Barcelona Cathedral taking in the beauty of the Gothic architecture, I couldn’t help but think how perfectly this scarf fit in with the beauty of Barcelona. The soft blue curved pattern on the scarf reminded me of the mountainous topography just outside of the city as well as some of Gaudi’s organic architecture we had seen.


You never know when or where inspiration will strike you, for Fariha it was on a hike in Wisconsin:

“During a hike in Wisconsin, I could feel the uneven texture of the trail through my boots. While the Midwest is known to have nothing but flat land, I enjoyed the gradual slopes of the trail I was on. All I wanted in that moment was to enjoy the freshness of the air and the simple slopes of the path. The trail was quiet and secluded. There was nothing but the terrain beneath me and the wind touching my face as I stepped forward” – Fariha (source:


Each scarf is made individually by hand in New York by skilled silk screen printers. Using ethically sourced fabric from India the scarves are made from 70% modal and 30% silk. No two scarves will ever have the exact same print as they are each handmade. Differences in color occur during the printing process that make each piece unique. Inkmade believes that everyone should have access to education and medical care, which is why a portion of the profit goes towards funding health and education causes in Sierra Leone, Pakistan and Ghana.


As you travel and explore new parts of the world, remember to take a moment to look around you. You never know when you can be inspired.

Check out Fariha’s latest collection on her website and look for her new line of stationary coming soon!

Follow Inkmade on Instagram – Facebook – and Fariha’s personal blog

Thank you to Fariha for lending me her only sample scarf and trusting me to take it all the way to Europe with me. And also a special thank you to R for taking these photos.

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62 thoughts on “Inspired by Travel with Inkmade

  1. Ummmm #1, you’re so beautiful! And 2, this is SO COOL! It makes me think of a topographical map! Since Ben and I are such big hikers, this is absolutely something I would wear. Especially because scarves are my go to accessory since I can’t style myself to save my life. This is so unique and I love the ethics and thought behind it. Tell your friend she’s done an amazing job!

    Susie |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Susie =o) Your comments always make me smile! Scarves are my go to as well, especially when traveling. It was so fun collaborating with Fariha and wearing the scarf in Barcelona =o)


  2. Reading about how Fariha founded Inkmade sounds cool! I can see how traveling can inspire some collections. I love the scarf! It looks gorgeous :). I agree that everyone should have access to education and medical care as well. It’s so sweet of her to give a portion of her profits towards the cause in Pakistan and Ghana.


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