8 places to eat in Barcelona

One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new cuisines and flavors. Barcelona was the perfect city to indulge in, each food we tried was unique and flavorsome. Looking through my photos from our trip I realized I had not taken enough photos of the food! Each time our dish came I was so eager to try it that I would forget to take a photo. But of the shots I got I hope you can see the variety of foods we tried. Here are the eight places we ate at and I highly recommend all of them =o)

La Alcoba Azul

During our first evening in Barcelona we weren’t quite sure where to go for dinner. Thankfully our amazing Airbnb host put together a list of restaurants in the neighborhood that she highly recommends. We picked two near each other in case one was closed and ventured out. As we walked the streets of the Gothic Quarter we almost missed La Alcoba Azul. This little hole in the wall restaurant serves amazing tapas and a delicious Sangria. Wanting a fairly light dinner we ordered two simple plates of toast with spreads and a serving of chorizo. The tapas were exactly what we were craving and the atmosphere of the place was romantic and cute. I will definitely be going back next time we are in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer de Sant Domènec del Call, 14, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Left: My delicious Sangria; Right: our plate of chorizo and tapas toasts
Left: The restaurant is very narrow and tight; Right: interior shot (photo credit:R)

La Yaya Amelia

If you find yourself hungry after touring Sagrada Familia, walk a few blocks to La Yaya Amelia. We wandered around the area until we came upon the highly rated Catalan restaurant. Walking in at noon we were the first customers of the day. We ordered fresh ceviche for an appetizer, the perfect start to a delicious meal and I snacked on the olives and bread as we waited for our main dishes to arrive. R ordered a plate of cod and I chose the cannelloni, the national dish of Barcelona. I didn’t exactly know what I was ordering but the moment I took a bite I knew I had found my new favorite Spanish dish. It is a mix of all sort of meats (usually leftovers from Christmas eve dinner) wrapped together in a fresh pasta sheet with melted cheese on top. If you are looking for a traditional Catalan meal, La Yaya Amelia is the place.

Address: Carrer de Sardenya, 364, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

Front of La Yaya Amelia
Fully stocked bar
My cannelloni

La Poma

Walking along La Ramblas you are tempted by dozens of restaurants and cafes, La Poma caught our eye every time we walked past. On afternoon we decided to make reservations ahead of time for dinner. But forgetting that in Spain they eat rather late, we were some of the first diners that evening at 7pm. Being early though meant we were seated right by the window on the second level with a perfect view of busy La Ramblas down below. We ordered a pizza, a plate of shrimp and a small serving of paella. The food was delicious and we cleaned off each plate. Even though it may have been one of the more touristy places we ate at, the view of La Ramblas below you as you ate was well worth it.

Address: La Rambla, 117, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

We sat at one of these tables on the second floor
Our plate of shrimp, pizza and paella with a view of La Ramblas below

La Fabrica

In the late morning on our way to Camp Nou R and I became very hungry. We didn’t want to eat at a sit down place so instead looked for a place we could grab a snack from. As we made our way from our hotel towards the metro we stumbled upon La Fabrica, an Argentinean place serving freshly baked empanadas. Just the smell made us stop and walk in. There were so many options to choose from and La Fabrica has a well-organized display that has illustrations showing what is inside each empanada. We both ordered a warm empanada and happily continued towards the metro.

Address: Carrer del Call, 19, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Front of La Fabrica
Display of empanadas with illustration card showing you what is inside

Restaurant 7 Portes

On our third afternoon in Barcelona we realized we still hadn’t had a proper paella. Our concierge at the hotel recommended Restaurant 7 Portes, just a few blocks south of the Barcelona Cathedral. R and I walked over praying they would have an open table since it was New Year’s Eve and places were either closing early or packed with diners. Luckily we only had to wait about ten minutes before we were seated. Looking over the menu we ordered a bowl of mussels and excitedly waited for our paella to arrive. Tip: if you want to get a picture of the paella when the waiter brings it take the photo fast, once the waiter shows you the plate he quickly splits the dish onto new plates before handing it to you.  The paella was unforgettable and the portion we ordered was just right. The dessert menu was also tempting so we also ordered a pineapple inspired dessert to end a perfect meal. I do recommend making a reservation though because the place does fill up quickly.

Address: Passeig d’Isabel II, 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Entry into Restaurant 7 Portes
Interior of Restaurant 7 Portes
Our pineapple dessert


New Year’s Eve morning we woke up realizing we still hadn’t made reservations for dinner. Thankfully our very resourceful concierge at the hotel found us a reservation at Neyras. We had the set New Year’s Eve menu that included an endless supply of wine and champagne along with tasty and colorful dishes. Each plate was small and we enjoyed discovering the various flavors being served before the clock struck midnight.

Address: Via Laietana, 41, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Left: Shrimp with tomatoes and strawberries; Right: one of the dishes served, I believe it was fish


These were the best churros I have ever had, hands down. We happened to find this stand as we were walking towards the beach to catch the first sunset of the New Year. The smell was so inviting that we decided to wait in the long line and almost missed the sunset. But it was well worth it. For four euros we got a bag of about a dozen freshly fried churros. By the time we reached the beach the bag was empty and our faces were covered in the sugar. I really wish I had gotten a photo once we had the bag but they were so good =o) I don’t know if this stand is there year round but if you see it you must order a bag of the mouthwatering churros.

Address: churro stand along Passeig de Joan de Borbó, Barcelona, Spain

Freshly cutting the churro dough as it falls into the frier



To end our Barcelona food experience we went to FOC for our last dinner. Highly recommended by our concierge at the hotel (who knew every restaurant in Barcelona) FOC is a trendy Latin American restaurant in La Barceloneta. Although we were a bit full from the bag of churros we had earlier we ordered two appetizers and split a main dish. Seeing all of the choices on the menu it was hard to choose but we decided on a side of guacamole and the papas de yuca which were fun to taste. Yuca is a potato commonly found in Latin America but one we had never tried and the chipotle sauce added an extra kick to the yuca. To share we ordered the Colombian arepas, which are corn like pancakes that you add beans, salsa and meats on top.

Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 66, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Our plate of guacamole and papas de yuca
Left: shot of our paella dish from Restaurant 7 Portes; Left: Arepas from FOC

I will forever have fond memories of each place we ate at in Barcelona and I hope to visit a few of these restaurants again. My best tip when looking for a place to eat is to simply wander around and see what you stumble upon. Of course we did have help from our Airbnb host and our knowledgeable concierge too. I hope this list helps if you are in Barcelona and looking for good food, even though the city is full of so many amazing places.

x the Adventurer

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60 thoughts on “8 places to eat in Barcelona

  1. Girl, you’re always finding the best places to see AND EAT!!! It’s always great when your Airbnb host gives you a list of great recommendations! I am in love with the chorizo! I love that feeling of eating fresh food. Wow, you were first customers to a couple of these places! You’re not kidding when you say that people in Spain eat late!

    I love how the meals look well presented at Neyras. Glad you found some delicious eateries when you were in Barcelona! Thanks for sharing your adventures :).


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha what can I say I love food =o) We had so much fun finding each of these places, and yes it was definitely helpful having our Airbnb host suggest a few places. I’ll be writing about our airbnb experience soon!

      Thanks for reading xx


  2. Travelling & food just go hand in hand – so nice to try different cuisines and flavours. Would love to visit Barcelona especially after reading about all of those amazing restaurants!

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  3. Oh my gosh, those churros sound like heaven! Ahhhh I’m so jealous haha, and that pizza looks incredible too. Honestly, exploring a culture through food is my FAVORITE. Food is definitely a love language for me! All of these places look amazing. And I love discovering a little hole in the wall that has killer dishes. Authenticity is the winner every time! You’re giving me travel envy!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

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