3 Cafes in Prague

What do people in Prague do during the cold winters? They enjoy good company inside the dozens of cozy cafés scattered around the city. When I visit Prague it’s usually during the summer holidays or late spring, when the weather is warm. But this year I was staying over the holidays which meant I wouldn’t be paddling on the Vltava River and soaking in the sun. It’s been ten years since I visited in the winter and I knew it was going to be cold so I hoped to fill my schedule with things indoors.

Without any specific places in mind I let my cousin and aunt take me to a café for a delicious brunch. One chilly afternoon I stumbled upon a famous café with my family. Another café I would like to recommend is from my last trip to Prague in May. I wrote about the café (read post here) and wanted to include it in this list. There was a fourth café I wanted to share and although it is in an ideal location, has a cute interior and what looks like a delicious menu, I ended up getting sick after we left. It could have been the stew I had there or just a stomach bug I picked up from somewhere and so I am not confident in recommending the place to you. Next time I am in Prague I will give it another shot because it was a unique little place. For now here are three cafés worth checking out if you are visiting Prague in winter or would like to stop in for a sweet treat and coffee.

Café Louvre

Café Louvre

A few days after Christmas I met with my cousin and aunt for brunch at Café Louvre, the hundred year old café just a few blocks from the Vltava River and National Theater. When the café first opened it hosted many famous writers and intellectuals such as Franz Kafka, Karel Capek and Albert Einstein. Many writers would use the café as their office or place for meetings. A few years after opening many upper class ladies started to visit the café and turned it into a place that supported female emancipation. Today it remains to be a busy spot serving a delicious variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Left: Interior shot; Right: morning tea
Inside  Café Louvre

I recommend making a reservation as the café can be quite busy, we made one in advanced and were seated at a corner table by the window. I ordered the home made pancakes with raspberry sauce and Czech sour cream (in Czech there are two sour creams, one is on the sweeter side and the other is like the one we have in the US), a bowl of fresh fruit and a coffee. My cousin had the croissant stuffed with ham and cheese, a bowl of fruit and tea. My aunt ordered the Fit breakfast menu that includes orange juice, natural yogurt, musli and a fruit salad. As we each savored our breakfast we took in the natural light coming in from the large windows and the charming atmosphere of the café.

My pancakes =o)
Ladies who brunch


Food: They have a great variety of foods to choose from for brunch. All three of us were happy with what we ordered and the quality of food was good.

Service: Our waitress was fast and efficient but allowed us to finish our meal in peace.

Atmosphere: The interior was renovated in 1992 and has kept its charm. As you are seated you feel like you have been transported to the early 1900s and are enjoying a nice morning far away from the busy street below.

Location: just a block away from the metro, it’s easy to find and located close to the Vltava River, Wenceslas Square and National Theater.

Price: Keeping in mind that you are in the center of Prague so prices are on the more expensive side.

Address: Národní 22, 110 00 Nové Město Praha, Czech Republic

Grand Orient Café

Walking into  Grand Café Orient

After walking around the city and enjoying the Christmas market my family and I wanted to warm up in a café. We tried a few places but it seemed like everyone in Prague had the same idea that afternoon so everywhere we stopped was full. We ended up meandering through the streets of old town until we reached Grand Café Orient located upstairs on the second floor of the House of the Black Madonna. This building is the symbol of Czech cubism and was a popular spot when it opened at the beginning of the 1900s. Sadly the café closed its doors about ten years after opening because cubism went out of style. Today the doors are open again and the Grand Orient Café is on the list of the top most beautiful cafés in Europe.

Views from inside
Bombardino – such a good drink to stay warm!

Walking up the curved staircase to the second floor you are greeted with a unique art deco interior. The café was busy so we waited for a table to open up and got lucky because within a few minutes we were seated by the windows. Each of us ordered a warm drink while my sisters and I all ordered something sweet to indulge in. I ordered a “kubisticky venecek”, a cubist twist on a traditional Czech dessert which paired nicely with my Turkish coffee. If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Prague look for the Grand Café Orient. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Intimate interiors
My coffee and cake
Treating ourselves


Food: my dessert was tasty and we each loved the drinks we ordered. I’d love to go back and try some of the food from their menu next time.

Service: Our waiter was nice and the service was good. Even though we didn’t have reservations we still got a table but if you would like a good table I recommend calling ahead of time.

Atmosphere: I can see why it is one of the most beautiful cafés in Europe, you get a taste of the cubist and art deco style from the early 1900s.

Location: located off the main tourist path it is quiet but easy to find.

Price: it is a popular café in the center of the city so expect to pay a little more.

Address: Ovocný trh 569/19, 110 00 Staré Město Praha, Czech Republic

Styl & Interier Café

Courtyard entry

I’ve realized that my aunt and cousin really know how to find the best cafés in town. They did not disappoint this time with Café Louvre or back in May when they took me to Styl and Interier.  I would have never known such a cute and very instagrammable café was tucked away off one of the streets along Wenceslas Square.

combo 1
Left: Look for this sign on the street ; Right: Follow the courtyard to the back for the entry into the cafe
My chocolate cake

Styl & Interier café is well known for their carrot cake which comes highly recommended on the menu. We each ordered one carrot cake as well as a drink. I had the mango juice lemonade and espresso. The carrot cake arrived and I must stay it was like biting into a slice of carrot heaven. I ended up returning a second time so I could sit outside in the courtyard and try another one of their cakes.

combo 2
Interior shots
Afternoon snack


Food: both cakes I tried were delicious. I would love to return and try some of the food on their menu.

Service: I would avoid peak hours as the staff is slow.

Atmosphere: Tucked away from the busy tourist filled streets of Prague, you find yourself in a quiet courtyard café.

Location: Conveniently located by the Mustek metro stop half way up Wenceslas Square

Price: a little above average


Which one do you like the most? Have you visited any of these or have recommendations for cafés in Prague?


Disclaimer: I purchased all food and drinks mentioned in this post (well actually my lovely family treated me to each meal). All opinions are my own.

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64 thoughts on “3 Cafes in Prague

  1. I have been to cafe Louvre and I loved the history behind hit! If I remember, there were quite a few famous people who frequented the cafe back in the day. The restoration was absolutely beautiful too! I didn’t get to try the others while I was in Prague, and I had a hard time overall finding good third wave coffee shops. Hopefully they keep moving toward that direction!!

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you got a chance to visit some cafes in Prague! You found some neat cafes around the area! Especially one that even had Albert Einstein visiting back in the day! I love how fancy the interior decor looks for all three cafes. I am glad to hear that the food and service were good overall!

    My favorite out of the three was the second one. Something about it kept my interest! Glad you had a great time :).


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Prague! Thinking about it, it is probably around ten years, since I have been here as well! So maybe when baby is born, we can go on a little trip to this beautiful city! Thank you for the food tips. I always try to avoid tourist traps, so its good to know, where to go for the best experiences 🙂

    X Louise


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  4. So. Much. YUM. Mango juice lemonade sounds exactly like something I would order! But honestly, every single thing you listed and pictured looks ridiculously good. We could just hop around to cafes in different countries and be happy campers. I think it’s such a fund way to experience another culture. We’re so used to coffee shops in the U.S., but there’s so much variety throughout the world! And Prague looks like they’ve got desserts on lock haha. I’m having serious food envy right now!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You would love all of the various pastries and cakes in Prague. I always indulge when I am there or enjoy my grandma’s baking. Cafes are definitely a fun way to experience a new city and also enjoy that cup of afternoon coffee =o)


  5. We chanced upon the cafe Lovre when we were there just before Christmas in 2015. I seem to remember there was a pool table at the back, so we had a couple of games whilst waiting for our table. A gorgeous place. And I loved, loved loved the Prague Christmas markets. The smells of pork cooking over hot coals, cinnamon from the bread doughnuts, and the spicie mulled wine. Makes me salivate just thinking of it all.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Cafes are the first thing I look for when I go to a new place. I love Styl and Interior Cafe and other cafes that are new but take old spaces and create more modern cafes while still respecting the spirit of the architecture. I didn’t know about Cubism, that’s really interesting to discover!

    Nicolette | http://nicolette.co

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  7. Hi, great post! I visited Cafe Orient. I had Czech hot dog (parek) with toast and horse radish, mustard and tea. It was delicious. Nicely presented. Horse radish was on the mild side, which was nice considering it was the first meal of my day. We came at 9am. The place just opened and my friend and I were their first guests. However within two hours the cafe was full as you described.
    I also visited Style & Interier Cafe. I had tea and soup. I do not eat sweets much, so I can confirm that both cafes have as good sweets as they have savory. I visited Style & Interier around St. Martin day (November 11th), so they went with style and served St.Martin’s menu, which is young wine from Czech and goose. Many guests ordered that.
    I never went to Louvre. I have to try it next time, sounds like a fun! Nice to have inviting relatives! Prague is awesome! Thank you for the tips! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Couple of month ago there was “new” cafe reopened just next to the Styl&Interior. To remind us the first republic, it is the place called Mysak (Mouse) in a beautiful roundcubistic house :-). And many many other beautiful places, ask me, I am cafe enthusiast in Prague :-).

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