San Francisco Photo Diary

Disclaimer: I always disclose all of my partnerships. XoMandySue reached out to me with a steep discount on their clothing in exchange for sharing the clothes on my Instagram. While a blogpost was not a requirement for the partnership, I fell in love with their clothing and wanted to support a female entrepreneur and local business on my blog.

Last weekend I took a much needed trip up north to the bay area to visit family and it was a great way to jump back into traveling. The whole weekend was perfect, almost like we were in a holiday film. From the food, spending time with everyone, exploring downtown San Francisco, the warm weather and going to the Golden State Warriors game (even though the Chicago Bulls lost by a landslide) it was an overall fun weekend. One of the days we all went downtown to see the Christmas tree in union square, indulge in some local cuisine and take in the beauty of San Francisco.

Union Sqaure
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Christmas wreaths up on display at Macy’s

I love the rush of city life and even on a Saturday you could feel the energy buzzing around San Francisco. There were so many people out and about because of the nice weather as it was unusually warm last week. When I flew from Orange County on Wednesday it was 91 F / 32 C, crazy for November weather but I’m not complaining as this is my first winter back after seven ice cold Chicago winters.

Union Square
Left: with the Union Square Christmas tree; Right: Entry into Tiffany’s

The holiday cheer was in full swing in Union Square and the Macy wreaths were in the window on display. We started our day here, walking around the square and seeing all of the decorations. It was close to lunchtime and we were all getting hungry. My cousin and his fiancé recommended we try Sears Fine Food just half a block away from Union Square. We were a large party of eight but they managed to seat us all together. With such a large group the food took a while and you could tell the restaurant was understaffed. But when our dishes did come we all enjoyed every last bite. With full bellies we headed to our car to drive out to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sears Fine Food
Inside of Sears Fine Food

From Union Square we drove through Chinatown and down the famous Lombard Street. Driving up and down each hill made me think of Princess Diaries (one of my favorite movies and let’s be honest a classic). How Mia would ride her little scooter around or the scene when she is getting dressed in the back of the limo and George has to tell warn her about each downhill and uphill.

This is what amazes me about San Francisco, a sloping hill with a flat tunnel underneath and structures all around
Driving around the city
Left: Union Square Christmas Tree; Right: Michael Jackson impersonator dancing in front of the entrance into Chinatown

Having studied architecture in flat Chicago it always amazes me to see the architecture of hilly San Francisco. The engineering that goes into each building is quite fascinating, especially when you also have to consider seismic effects on the structure too. And then you have a building like Millennium Tower, a luxury residential high rise in the center of San Francisco that is sinking. Just google “sinking building in San Francisco” to see the crazy history of this tower and how it has already sunk 17 inches and tilted 14 inches since it was built in 2008.

Left: Transamerica Pyramid building; Right: Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

It has been years since I have seen the Golden Gate Bridge or even taken a picture of it. Once we got to the top view point to look out at the bridge we were in awe and felt incredibly lucky. Not only did we have warm weather but there was no wind. Usually at the view point we stopped at it is windy and the bridge is covered with fog but we caught a perfect sunset and clear skies.

My new favorite jacket, Tidecrest jacket from XoMandysue.  All of my beautiful readers get 35% off at checkout on with the promo code DREAMOFADVENTURES.


As the sun began to set we jumped back in the car to head towards Fisherman’s wharf for dinner. Parking the car at Ghirardelli Square you can walk to Fisherman’s wharf and stop at The Buena Vista for glass of their world famous Irish coffee along the way. We all ordered a glass and enjoyed the rich taste of Irish whiskey mixed with coffee and a frothed cream on top. If you are ever in San Francisco you must stop in for a glass. Even if you aren’t a whiskey or coffee fan because just the aroma of the place is worth it.

combo 7
The Buena Vista and our cups of irish coffee
Lombard Street looking down

I didn’t take any photos after The Buena Vista and instead took in the moment, the warm evening walking around Fisherman’s Wharf with family before heading to have dinner at Franciscan crab. There we each had an amazing seafood dish and celebrated the end of a perfect day. It has been a hectic fall and this weekend away was exactly what I needed to recharge before the craziness of the holidays begins. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving if you celebrated and if not I hope you had a relaxing end of November =o)

x the Adventurer

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85 thoughts on “San Francisco Photo Diary

  1. Sounds like you had a great time in San Francisco. I’m definitely thinking I need to visit soon. I really haven’t seen enough of the USA. I’m thinking maybe a little road trip in 2018. I run a interview with a local regular feature and San Francisco was recently featured – it (along with your photos) definitely inspired me!

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  2. It’s always good to take a trip to take a break from your everyday life. It’s cool that you got to explore downtown San Francisco! I’ve passed by that Macy’s before but never went in! It looks crazy with all of those floors! I haven’t been to San Francisco in months and it’s always great to look at pictures of the city! I love the Fisherman’s Wharf because of all of the seafood!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Girl your pictures had us feeling all kinds of travel envy! San Fran is such a fun city! We wanted to get that bridge pic when we were out there, but didn’t have time. It’s a must for next time! Your Princess Diaries reference made me laugh – I loved that movie way too much when I was little.
    Also, that’s CRAZY about the sinking buildings! The way the entire city is built is so nuts. We were driving with my friend and I was losing my mind. Their streets are ridiculous! I don’t think I could handle driving there.
    Looks like you all had a blast! And now I’m craving some SF food…

    Susie |

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    1. We almost didn’t make it to the bridge but my cousin insisted because it was such a beautiful day. We really did luck out with the weather for sure.
      Can you imagine how it was to drive in SF when everyone still had manual cars, I used to drive a manual and would freak out at the smallest hill going up. It is a crazy city to drive in. It was such a fun weekend I can’t wait to go back and see family again =o)


  4. Wow! I’ve been to San Francisco twice and honestly love the city so much! You can imagine how devastated I was when I found it that it’s the most expensive city to live in *sigh*… I also loved Lombard Street when I visited and Chinatown was where we spent probably the majority of our time. And I had no idea that Millenium Tower is sinking! That’s kind of scary but I also really want to check it out the next time I visit. I know I’ll never see all of the amazing/interesting things that SF has to offer 🙂

    Beatrice | The Bliss Bean

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  5. Sounds like you had a great time! I loooove San Francisco and was just there myself. I used to live there and I miss it so much! Also, that Macy’s is so freaking bomb. I love going in there when I’m in Union Square. I liked the last part about you spending time with your family and not taking any more photos. It’s always important to try and be in the moment. 🙂


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