Thanksgiving Adventure Essentials

Disclaimer: I always disclose all of my partnerships. XoMandySue reached out to me with a steep discount on their clothing in exchange for sharing the clothes on my Instagram. While a blogpost was not a requirement for the partnership, I fell in love with their clothing and wanted to support a female entrepreneur and local business on my blog. This post contains a few affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you happen to make a purchase through the link. Thank you for supporting me and the brands I love. 

It has been 111 days since I boarded an airplane or headed on an adventure outside of Southern California. This may not seem long but after having spent most of May through July on over eighteen flights around three continents, it feels like I haven’t been to an airport in ages. This has mostly been in part because I have spent the last eight weeks pursuing a 200 hour yoga teacher training program which I am so thankful for but it meant putting my travels on hold for a few weeks. Now I am excited to be packing my bags to head up to Northern California for Thanksgiving next week. It has been a few years since I visited my family there and I can’t wait to meet up with all of my cousins and enjoy the holiday weekend. Here is what I am packing with me:


Xo Mandy Sue Tidecrest Jacket – I left my winter jackets in Chicago when I moved because you don’t really need them here in California. But the Bay area is a bit cooler than Southern California so I knew I would be needing a new jacket. XoMandySue reached out to me a few weeks ago for a collaboration and when I scrolled through their website I instantly fell in love with the Tidecrest jacket. It has been exactly what I have had in mind. Unfortunately is was out of stock but the great thing about XoMandySue is they restock a lot of their most popular products quite frequently. In a few days they had it restocked and I was excited to order my new jacket! If you like this jacket or need some new wardrobe essentials head over to XoMandySue and all of my lucky readers can get 35% off their order with the promo code: DREAMOFADVENTURES.

Tidecrest Jacket

Boots – I bought these BP boots three years ago during Nordstrom’s black Friday sale and still love them. They are my favorite boots and I haven’t seen a pair since that I would replace them with.

Steamer – When I travel I like to roll my clothes so they fit nicely into my suitcase and I can maximize space. But when I arrive at my destination they are always wrinkled and I’m not much of an ironer. I found this cute little steamer and it has been my sidekick ever since. I want to look put together for Thanksgiving dinner and not have my clothes all wrinkled so I will definitely be steaming my clothes.

Salt Air Dress

XO Mandy Sue Salt Air Dress – I absolutely love dressing up for any occasion and with the holidays coming up I knew I would need to start looking for dresses. When XoMandySue wrote me about collaborating I knew they would help me find the perfect dress for Thanksgiving. Not only did I find this dress, I also found my New Year’s Eve dress too! I can’t wait to share photos wearing both dresses, they are absolutely stunning.  The Salt Air Dress is made from material that is so soft and comfy, I love how it feels around me and there is a woven detail in the dress that makes it unique. If you are looking for that perfect holiday dress head over to XoMandySue and all of my lucky readers can get 35% off their order with the promo code: DREAMOFADVENTURES.


Mala Prayer Necklace – As a gift to myself for completing the 200 YTT I bought myself my first mala necklace. Now I use it when I meditate, or am practicing yoga. Before buying a mala necklace I recommend doing some research about what you want your mala to represent and what purpose it will serve. The Prasada mala necklace is made from 108 white howlite gemstones and is known for its healing properties: to decrease anxiety and stress and bring calmness and relaxation. Exactly what I have been needing.

Kindle – I love to read and this Kindle has been around the world with me. I haven’t had much time to sit down and enjoy a good book for a while so I can’t wait to start reading again. I found a new book to read that I can’t wait to share with you, I will be posting a review soon!

Liforme Yoga Mat – When I travel I have a thin mat I take with me that fits perfectly into my carry on but since this trip I will be staying with family I wanted to bring my mat from home. R got this mat for me last Christmas and it’s now my favorite mat. You haven’t owned a good mat until you have a Liforme yoga mat, trust me it is an investment. I hope to get a few moments to hop on my mat in between enjoying all of the good food.


Rose water spray – I’ve written about Teddie’s Organic Rose Water spray in previous adventure essential posts and just bought a new bottle because I ran out. When I travel I swear by this spray. It is so refreshing to spritz a little on you after a long dehydrating flight and the scent is soft, gentle and refreshing.

Essential Oils Rolls – Recently I have become more interested in essential oils and using them as natural ways to help with headaches, stress etc. I found a pack of four from Fabulous Frannie and decided to give them a try. Now I am obsessed with these roll-ons and carry them with me in my purse. I use the peppermint for headaches, the lavender as a way to distress or unwind after a long day. The other two not pictured are tea tree oil which is good for acne and Patchouli which is a grounding and calming scent.

Scarf – It will definitely be colder in the Bay area than the 80F weather we are supposed to be having in SoCal next week. I’m packing one of my favorite scarves which I bought while studying abroad during University. On one of our class trips we were in Utrecht, Netherlands exploring architecture and I was cold. Our group stopped in front of the train station and I noticed a stand with a woman selling some souvenirs and clothes. I saw this scarf and knew I had to have it if I was going to stay warm that day. While my professor was talking to the group I snuck away to buy the scarf. I think it was maybe 10 euros and honestly one of the best purchases I made that trip.

Ready to go!

My bags are almost packed now and I can’t wait to be heading up to Northern California for a few days. It will be nice being surrounded by my family for the holidays plus the Bay area is so beautiful to explore. I will be taking a short blog break over the holiday so my next post will be in two weeks. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers and I will see you all in December!

x the Adventurer

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97 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Adventure Essentials

  1. The 200 hours always sounds so daunting, but I just love yoga so much. It is great that you are committing to it! These will all be very handy on your trip then. A steamer is one thing I have to travel with sometimes too, particularly if I am needing to make sure an evening dress is looking its best.
    xx Jenelle

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The steamer is such a great travel essential =o) I had an amazing time, thank you for asking! I know what you mean about all of the black friday posts, I didn’t realize how many there were until I went through my blog feed. Glad I could change it up for you =o)


  2. A steamer is a MUST for us now! We only recently discovered how life changing it is to bring one with us traveling, but we’ll never go back! All of these clothing pieces are so cute too. And I definitely want to bring some essential oils with us next time too. Ben is cool as a cucumber when we travel, but if things go haywire, I tend to turn into a hot mess! Oils would be perfect for that.
    I hope you had such a great trip lady!

    Susie |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t a steamer such a lifesaver! I ended up steaming my boyfriend’s shirt and cousin’s shirt as well as my dress just before we got ready to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner =o) It was a really great trip! I hope you and ben had a lovely thanksgiving weekend as well


  3. mala beads, essential oils, rose water spray… you got it all covered! I like to bring my crystals and journal when I adventure too. those are beautiful mala beads btw ❤ xoxo


  4. 18 flights within a couple of months is a lot! At least you’re getting things done in the meantime. Hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Nor Cal during the holiday! I love how simple the jacket looks! We definitely need the weather to cool down a bit to sport that without sweating XD. I’ve heard a lot about the rose water sprays lately! I need to buy one before my next flight XD.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I couldn’t believe how many flights I had gone on =o) It was a blast visiting family up north, I have a new blog post up about my trip =o) also yes rose water is a great travel essential and investment!


    1. Right?! It is an amazing little tool. I ended up not only steaming my dress right before Thanksgiving dinner but also my boyfriend’s shirt and cousin’s shirt. They were so thankful I had packed it along =o)


  5. So cool they restocked so fast and your jacket arrived in time. I will definitely get something from them. Looks very comfy too. How long the promotion lasts? I will be ready to order in January.
    I have several of the products you promote for travel as well. The rose water is amazing! On my last long flight to Europe I shared even with the couple sitting next to me and they loved it too.
    Happy Thanksgiving! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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