8 things I miss about Chicago

Two months ago I packed up all of my belongings into my Honda civic and drove over two thousand miles from Chicago to California. I still can’t believe everything I own was able to fit into my car and that I made the two and a half day journey across the country by myself. To be fair there wasn’t room in the car for me to bring anyone along so I did the trip solo. It was a bit of an emotional drive, I was leaving behind a life I had known for seven years and moving back to the place I grew up. Now looking back at the last two months I am happy where I am but there are somethings I am starting to miss about life in Chicago.

Lincoln Park

| Skyline |



The first thing I think of when I think about Chicago is the architecture that makes up the skyline. Seeing the city from any angle is breathtaking and I have had the chance to see it from land, sky and lake. The first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885 and since then the city has continued to build upwards. The skyline has become an iconic symbol of Chicago and it will continue to grow and change with the city. During my flight back from St. Lucia in July I realized I was going to be landing at O’Hare airport for the last time as a Chicagoan, the next time I would be flying in would only be to visit. As I saw the skyline come into view as we made our descent that was when I knew I would miss seeing it every day.


| My friends |

During my time in Chicago I was fortunate enough to meet some incredible people who I will miss and cherish their friendship forever. We got to grow up together in our early twenties and were there for each other. There are a lot of late nights I will never forget and early mornings especially during architecture school. The friends I made in Chicago became like an extended family for me because I didn’t have any family living nearby. They made the last seven years fun and memorable and I can’t wait to visit them when I go back or when they come visit me in California (which some already told me they will!)

The lakefront where I used to go for runs

| Fall Time |



Even though I am not a fan of the cold I did love the first day of fall each year. The first morning you woke up and could feel the chill in the air signifying the end of summer. It was always so beautiful to see the trees turning bright red, yellow and orange making Lake Shore Drive a colorful and scenic drive. My boyfriend played soccer for our university during the fall semester and I went to just about every game. Towards the end of the season when it was cooler I used to bring hot tea to drink with a splash of whiskey to keep me warm. In California it will stay around 70F/21C for most of fall and into winter.


| Glazed and Infused |

As I was putting together the things I miss from Chicago one of the first things that came to mind was Glazed and Infused the donut shop. I have recently been craving their old fashioned dipped in chocolate. For those of you who don’t know what Glazed and Infused is, it’s one of my favorite places to treat myself in Chicago. There are a number of locations around the city and sometimes my boyfriend and I would stop in and get some before work. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of Glazed and Infused, probably because I was always too preoccupied with devouring my donut to have time to take a picture. But trust me it’s delicious.

| First Snowfall |

combo 1
Left: a part of the Chicago river frozen; Right: one of the many snowfalls my first few years at university

The first snowfall always feels so magical. My first Chicago snowfall was one night my first semester at university, I was with my boyfriend and we had decided to go get a late snack on campus. As we walked outside the first few snowflakes were starting to fall, quite romantic right? The first snowfall is always so beautiful but after that it doesn’t have to snow anymore to be honest. I will miss the first snowfall but definitely not the sixth one that ends up being a three day blizzard which is what happened my first winter in Chicago. As I was packing my things up in boxes I donated about sixty percent of my winter wardrobe. I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had acquired after so many winters in Chicago.

| Sunsets |

combo 2
Left: View from London House Chicago; Right: Lincoln Park

For whatever reason the sunsets in the Midwest are something else. It’s probably the pollution but I will miss the evenings when I watched the sunset and the whole sky turned a beautiful red and pink glow. One of the last sunsets I watched was during my going away celebration where we had drinks at the London House in downtown Chicago. The main reason I picked this rooftop bar was so that I could take in the last sunset in the city. That night the sunset showed off for me, painting the sky with warm colors. I will always remember taking the “L” home and watching the sunset.

| Michigan |


The last year I lived in Chicago I got to make two trips to Michigan, once to see the fall colors in Traverse City and the second time in the spring. I fell in love with each charming town we visited along the coast of Lake Michigan. Michigan reminds me a little bit of New England but with a Midwest touch. I wish I had taken advantage of living so close but am happy that I got the chance to see a large part of the Lower Peninsula.

| Sports |


Chicago is a sports town. With a hockey team that has won three Stanley Cups since I moved there, two baseball teams, a basketball team, soccer team and football team. I felt like no matter what day of the week a Chicago team what playing and it didn’t matter what month it was. My goal was to attend every Chicago sports team game, in the end I went to two Chicago Fire soccer games, two Blackhawks hockey games, one Bears football game and the White Sox baseball game. I can’t believe I didn’t make it to a Cubs baseball game even though I lived two blocks from the stadium for a year. Right before I made the decision to move away from Chicago my favorite soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger announced he was moving to Chicago. Thankfully I got to watch one of his games before I left, checking that off my bucket list.

The Chicago river is dyed green every St. Patrick’s Day

It has been nice being back in California but Chicago will always have a place in my heart. I will miss these things but it will give me a reason to go back and visit. If any of my friends are reading this and want to send me a glazed and infused donut (old fashioned dipped in chocolate please) I would be very grateful =o)

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62 thoughts on “8 things I miss about Chicago

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Carly =o) There is something about the changing of seasons that makes a place special, I was just saying to a friend this week how I wish we could have one crisp fall day here and then it could go back to being sunny haha. Just so I could experience what the rest of the country is experiencing =o)


  1. So funny that we’re having the opposite experiences! I’m leaving Southern California for the Midwest and you’re going the other way. I guess these are some things for me to look forward to! Not looking forward to the long winter but it will be fun to see fall and snow. I’m actually going to be in Chicago on Tuesday!


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  2. I can’t imagine what it’s like to leave the place you called home for so many years! The greatest thing about this though, is that you’ll grow to love so many things about California, and then you’ll have double the cities that take up a special little place in your heart! I think that’s pretty cool. And of course, you’re closer to Colorado so… that’s a plus haha, especially if you like the slopes!
    Can’t wait to someday read the post about your new favorite things about your new home!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

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    1. That is so true =o) I feel like you fall in love with places the more you get to know them and experience them.
      Also I love Colorado! It’s actually almost exactly halfway between Illinois and California. When I drove across the country it took 13 hours from Chicago to Colorado where I have a bunch of family and then it took 11 hours to Vegas plus the four to get home to California. I also went to preschool in Boulder =o) Colorado holds a special place in my heart too xx


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