An Afternoon in Marigot Bay

Forget whatever you are doing right now and picture this: an oasis of palm trees, a soft ocean breeze and all of your worries washing away. Sounds like a tropical paradise doesn’t it? I think so. That’s why whenever I am in St. Lucia I make it a priority to spend an afternoon in the peaceful Marigot Bay.

Looking down towards Marigot Bay

It can be hard to find this slice of heaven so here are some directions: follow the main road from Castries towards Soufriere on the Caribbean side of the island, then make a right up the hill, just before you drive through the banana plantation. Over the hill and back down towards the water’s edge park your car and head to the dock. Every few minutes you can catch a little boat across the bay to the palm tree filled beach. Cross the bay and step off the boat. You made it. You are here and all of your problems are on the other side of the bay with your rental car.

Catch this small boat taxi across the bay
Boat dock

If you are hungry stop in at Doolittle’s. Named after the 1967 movie Dr. Doolittle starring Rex Harrison, Doolittle’s has a full menu and bar. It was early afternoon when we arrived to Marigot Bay so while we weren’t hungry because we just had lunch we did stop by Doolittle’s for a treat. I enjoyed a cup of espresso and a tasty slice of carrot cake. I think I may have a new thing for carrot cakes recently (another carrot cake I loved was at Styl & Interior). The service is a bit slow but you aren’t in a hurry so sit back and enjoy watching the boats pass by into the bay.

Doolittle’s Restaurant
My carrot cake and espresso

Fun fact: my profile picture for Dream of Adventures was taken at Marigot Bay during one of my trips to St. Lucia.


You can grab one of the lounge chairs (heads up you do have to pay for chairs and umbrellas) and unwind. The water is cool and refreshing so if you get too hot take a dip in the ocean. Let the palm trees gently sway above you with the breeze, creating shade from the sun. Are all your worries gone yet?



What makes Marigot bay the perfect hideaway? Geographically it is surrounded by steep, lush hills on three sides. This forms a hurricane hole, sheltering boats from any hurricanes and you from anything going on in the world around you. Historically, the British fleet would shelter themselves from the French in the bay. If you have a yacht or boat you can drop your anchor and hide away for a few days. If you own a superyacht you are in luck because the marina can accommodate yachts up to 80 meters long.



Fun fact: The first Pirates of the Caribbean filmed a scene here. When Captain Jack Sparrow sees hanging skeletons of captured pirates he is actually in Marigot Bay.

View towards the Marina

Although I haven’t spent time in the marina in Marigot Bay there are a few highly recommended restaurants you can enjoy, such as Masala Bay. I am fortunate enough to know the owner of Masala Bay as he also owns a restaurant in Rodney Bay, The Spice of India. Hands down the most delicious Indian food I have ever tried.

You can enjoy water sports

St. Lucia is my island of choice when I need to rejuvenate and Marigot Bay is one of the spots on the island where I can completely unwind. There is something unique and special about the place, it’s hard to explain. You will just have to visit to experience it for yourself.


x the Adventurer

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  1. Oh it looks beautiful up there. I have just returned from Prague where the weather was wonderful, but here in The Netherlands it’s been kind of hm. I sure could use a few days of relaxing underneath palm trees!!

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