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In May I flew back home to the Czech Republic to spend some time with friends and family. I mostly shared my trip on my Instagram and didn’t think I would post about it on the blog. That was until one afternoon when my aunt and cousin took me to Styl & Interier Café. I would have never known such a cute and very instagrammable café was tucked away off one of the streets along Wenceslas Square. I wanted to share it with all of you in case you visit Prague or live there and want to check out a new café. It can be very easy to miss so I’ve included the photo below of the sign you need to look for. Under the sign walk through the arched entry that leads to a courtyard. Walk through that courtyard, past all of the furniture which is for sale (it’s a café/store). An open doorway will lead you straight into the charming café.

combo 1
Left: Grey sign to look for on Vodičkova; Right: Enter through to this courtyard, the cafe is to through those first double green doors and to the right
Arched way from the street towards Styl & Interier Cafe

Usually you need a reservation if you even want a chance of sitting at a table but since it was the middle of the week and late in the afternoon there weren’t many people. Most tables had cards on them saying they were reserved for a later time but we told the waiter we were only stopping by for a quick cup of coffee and a small bit to eat. He happily obliged and led us to one of the tables inside.

Carrot cake, mango juice lemonade and tea

Styl & Interier café is well known for their carrot cake which comes highly recommended on the menu. We each ordered one carrot cake as well as a drink. I had the mango juice lemonade and espresso. A weird combo, I know, but I wanted to get in some Vitamin C for the day and a caffeine boost. My aunt ordered a cup of tea and my cousin had one of the juices as well as an espresso. The carrot cake arrived and I must stay it was like biting into a slice of carrot heaven. If I was a bunny I would have devoured it in one bite =o)


Additional seating inside

I had to return a second time just so I could sit on the terrace outside. This time I went with another cousin and we called ahead of time to reserve a table for us. It was quite windy and humid that day but it felt nice to sit in the courtyard. It was two in the afternoon and the place was just finishing cleaning up its lunch time rush. We settled into a small atrium in the courtyard but with little breeze it felt muggy. We asked if we could sit outside of the atrium so my seven month pregnant cousin wouldn’t faint in the heat. Our waitress wasn’t the friendliest but she agreed to reseat us.

combo 3
Left: walking from inside out to the atrium in the middle of the cafe; Right: Additional seating towards the back of the courtyard

With the heat I ordered an iced coffee and my cousin a lemonade. Instead of the carrot cake I decided to try something new. Each day they bake different cakes except the carrot cake which is always on the menu. Each cake is displayed in the fridge right at the entry into the café. Looking at the many choices I had to go with the chocolate one, how could I say no to chocolate? My cousin chose the berry one that also looked delicious. We went back to our seats in the courtyard to continue chatting. It may have been the end of the lunch rush but the service was extremely slow. We had almost finished our drinks before having to grab our waitress and ask her where our cakes were.

Chocolate cake =o)

When the slices of cake finally arrived I dove right into trying mine. Tasty and rich in chocolate it’s hard to choose which cake was my favorite. I would like to return again one day and try some of the food on the menu but for now I know that the cakes are delicious. It is well worth it to make a reservation so you can enjoy your coffee and food outside.

combo 2
Most everything you see in the cafe is also for sale


Food: The carrot cake is a must to try as is the chocolate cake. Although I haven’t tried the food on the menu I am sure it is good based on seeing others eating around me.

Service: The first time I went I had a very enthusiastic waiter but the second time the service was quite slow. I would avoid coming during the peak hours of lunch and dinner because it does get crowded.

Atmosphere: Tucked away from the busy tourist filled streets of Prague, you find yourself in a quiet courtyard café. Whether you are outside or inside I think it’s a very nice setting for a café.

Location: Finding it may be a bit tricky (look for the sign I posted above). It’s conveniently located by the Mustek metro stop half way up Wenceslas Square as well as the tram stops for trams 3, 5, 6, 9, 14, 15, 24, 26, 41,

Price: a little above average, but you are in the center of Prague and near many tourist spots so expect to pay a little more than usual.

Wifi: It says online that they have wifi but when I asked the waiter for the password he said it isn’t a public wifi. So not sure what to make of that but don’t go expecting to be able to connect to wifi.

Address: Vodičkova 708/35, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město

Disclaimer: I purchased all food and drinks mentioned in post, Styl & Interier did not reach out to me. All opinions are my own. 

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46 thoughts on “Styl & Interior Cafe

  1. I would love to visit Prague and I always keep a list of places I would go if I got to the cities I want to visit (for example, Brunch & Cake in Barcelona) and this is definitely going on the list for Prague! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Ben and I could seriously hole up in places like these for hours and hours (although they probably wouldn’t appreciate that at this busy little gem haha). The drinks look AMAZING (and I would 100% order a mango lemonade with a side of espresso!), and the fact that they have a new cake flavor every day?! I’m sold. So much yum!

    Susie |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think if you kept ordering each of the different cakes you could stay the whole day =o) And I’m glad i’m not the only one who would order mango lemonade and espresso =o) Thank you for the sweet comment Susie!


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