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Waking up each morning, the first thing I do is have a cup of coffee. No matter where I am, whether at home or travelling, I always manage to have a cup first thing (I even dedicated a post to my love of coffee last year). But what I recently realized is that I have never actually thought about what happens to the coffee before I buy it at the store or a café. Lucky for me I had a chance to check out a coffee roastery while in London visiting Eliska and Jack from We Film Things. Notes Coffee is Jack’s favorite coffee, so when he asked if I wanted to join him and Eliska on a tour of the roastery I jumped at the opportunity.

combo 1
Left: entering Notes roastery; Right: the big roasting machine
Notes Roastery

Fabio, the man behind the coffee beans, greeted us with a cheerful smile. He gave us quick tour of the warehouse and showed us the beginning stages of how the coffee is roasted. Alice, the head of roast, took over and began to explain the roasting process in detail. She took us through some of the steps with her as she roasted a batch of beans in a huge machine. We took in all of the information and were in awe of how specific and precise of a process it is to roast the beans to the correct temperature and setting.

Alice beginning to roast a batch of beans
Alice and Jack talking about the roasting process


Currently the beans arriving at the warehouse are from Guatemala, Brazil and Columbia. Once they are at the warehouse the bags of beans are stored until they are ready to be put into the big machine. In this machine they are roasted to an exact time, so precise that even a second could alter the result of how the beans turn out. Alice checks to see any cracks in the beans and then slowly allows the beans to pour into a cooling area. As Alice described the process you could tell just how passionate she was about creating the perfect roast. I think what amazed us even more was that Alice said she could tell where a coffee is from just by tasting the coffee. How cool is that?!

Before the beans are roasted
Alice checking for any cracks
The coffee beans falling into the cooling tray
combo 2
Left: Once cooled the beans are dropped into this bucket; Right: Beans are measured and poured into bags
Bags of coffee ready for shipment

We met back with Fabio who brewed us each a fresh cup of Notes coffee. He shared his story of how he started Notes as we each sipped on the rich and flavorful coffee. Fabio used to work in a pharmaceutical company in Brazil but after he won a barista competition and taught himself about roasting coffee beans he realized he wanted to take a different path in his career. He and his wife moved to Europe and soon Notes coffee came along.

Bags of beans waiting to be roasted
combo 3
Left: Alice grinding up a bags of beans for Jack; Right: Fabio pouring us a cup of notes coffee

Both Alice and Fabio spoke about coffee and the process to make the right cup with passion. It’s humbling to see people follow their dreams and do what makes them happy. Now I will never drink a cup of coffee without thinking about the process and how much scientific work goes into creating the correct roast. It was a pleasure meeting Fabio and Alice and learning about where Jack’s favorite coffee comes from.

Thank you to Fabio and Alice for sharing their love of coffee with us!

You can see the full video and roasting process with Fabio and Alice below:

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56 thoughts on “Notes Coffee

  1. This is so cool! Ben is a coffee fanatic, so he would LOVE to get an inside look at the process. And it’s always a huge plus to be around people who love what they do. I bet it smelled heavenly!

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  2. I never knew the whole process of coffee roasting, but seems like you had such an interesting and cool experience! Thanks for sharing! :p


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