6 ways to relax in Breckenridge

I celebrated my twenty fifth birthday in Breckenridge, Colorado. We had the perfect skiing conditions, with only one day being extremely cold and snowy but resulting in fresh powder the next day. This trip was a much needed break from life and the stress of studying for my exam and working full time. Not only did I want to ski as much as possible and enjoy the mountains but I also wanted to take time to relax and unwind. Here are 6 things I did during my time in Breckenridge that rejuvenated me:

Meta Yoga Studio


I was thrilled to find a yoga studio that offered a variety of classes in the center of Breckenridge. Meta Yoga Studios is the perfect place to practice yoga and stretch after skiing all day. Each day they offer a variety of classes, the evening I was free to go I attended the “candlelight yoga” taught by one of the kindest yoga teachers, Leslie G. There were nine of us in class, each provided with a mat, bolster, blanket and blocks. The studio provides you with anything you may need which comes in handy when traveling. It would have been hard to fit my yoga mat into my suitcase along with my ski boots. That night we also had a special guest joining us, a young woman who played on Tibetan crystal bowls. Throughout class she played softly, creating vibrations that would benefit each pose. For an hour and a half our class stretched and de-stressed while watching the sunset over the mountains. It was one of the most perfect sunsets, filling the room with a warm glow that only added to the experience. It was so refreshing to try a new class and studio, I hope to do it more often when I travel.

Studio Space


Kenosha Steak House


Breckenridge is one of my favorite mountain towns to explore. The main streets are filled with historical buildings and small shops you can stroll around. After a day of skiing we ventured over to grab dinner and walk around. It was hard to choose a place to eat since so many of the restaurants are highly rated and offer so much good food! We ended up choosing to have dinner at Kenosha Steakhouse, an excellent choice. I had half a rack of ribs with a side of beans and cornbread. Our whole group left full and satisfied. I recommend stopping in and having something to eat or try out one of their 31 beers they have on tap, the service was great and we felt like we were being taken care of.


Walking past all of the shops and restaurants
Beautiful stained glass window in downtown Breckenridge

Massage Blue Sage Spa


Because it was my birthday one of the days we were in Breckenridge, I wanted to treat myself to a massage. When I have a massage while travelling I like to find one that is unique and different, one I usually wouldn’t be able to have at any other spa. Determined, I did extensive research before the trip, reading about each massage place and what services they offered. I found the perfect one at Blue Sage Spa – The rainbow body-chakra balancing massage.  It’s a 90 minute massage that rebalances your chakras with seven luxurious oil blends and provides deep relaxation. This massage was exactly what I was looking for. I booked a session with the lovely Joanna who specializes in the rebalancing massage.

For those of you unfamiliar with the chakras, there are seven chakras in the centers of our bodies that align with our spine. Each chakra is a wheel of energy that corresponds to massive nerve centers in our body. You can read more about chakras here.

I arrived a few minutes early and was lead to the waiting room, tucked away peacefully near the massage rooms. While I was waiting a woman entered asking for an oxygen tank. Due to the high altitude some people have trouble adjusting with breathing, so many spas in town provided oxygen tanks for rent that help. Some places even offer it as an additional part of a massage.

Joanna kindly explained to me what she would be doing throughout the massage and how each oil blend she used would benefit which chakra. She began with the crown chakra, using a mixture of essential oils (I honestly don’t remember exactly which ones but it smelled amazing). She rubbed the oil into her hands and brought them close to my face, allowing me to inhale two times. Then she would massage the area of the body that represented the specific chakra. From the crown chakra, third eye, throat, heart solar plexus, sacral and root chakra and back up again. After the 90 minute massage and rebalancing my chakras, I was speechless. I had completely relaxed, even meditated during most of the massage that I felt as if I was floating literally floating off the massage table. Those were the most relaxing 90 minutes of my life. I highly recommend trying massages that are unique (and well rated) whenever you travel. I don’t think there are many places where you can have such a massage.

One more thing to note is that massages in high altitude and after a long day of skiing in cold weather does have a greater effect on your body than when you are at sea level. So make sure to drink lots of water after.


Breckenridge Brewery 


From the Blue Sage Spa I was picked up to go to my birthday dinner. I had been craving a burger that day and heard that the Breckenridge Brewery had tasty burgers and beer. They did not disappoint. I had an elk burger and it hit the spot. I wish I could have ordered beer but after the massage and being in high altitude I decided to stay away from alcohol. I planned on celebrating with a drink once I got back to sea level in Chicago. Overall the brewery had a lively atmosphere and great food. The service did lack a bit but we overlooked it because we were having so much fun reminiscing about the last few days.




We skied for three and a half days. The first day we made it up from Denver midday, stopped at our Airbnb to change and drove a half hour to Keystone for afternoon and night skiing. If you haven’t been skiing at night, it’s a blast! You definitely get to experience the slopes differently and it makes it that much more exhilarating. The other three days we skied at Breckenridge, which is such a large mountain that we didn’t make it to every run. Our Airbnb was at the base of Peak 9, just a five minute walk to the Quicksilver Super Chair which made it very convenient for us to get to the slopes quickly. I always enjoy skiing Peak 10 and Peak 9, and especially the runs that take you to the Mercury or Falcon chair.

Watching the sunset from Keystone
View from Peak 10 in Breckenridge


Twenty years ago I celebrated my fifth birthday in Colorado and it was special to be back for my twenty fifth even though this time it wasn’t Pocahontas themed. On the way back to Denver I stopped to meet with some family for a birthday lunch, it was fun to catch up with everyone even if just for a quick meal. I’m also very happy and pleased with myself on how I skied. After not skiing on a proper mountain (yes I did ski last year in Wisconsin, but that was a little hill) in three years, it felt great to be back on my skis and speeding down the hill. I haven’t lost my touch =o)

X the Adventurer

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43 thoughts on “6 ways to relax in Breckenridge

  1. Thank you Lauren =o) Breckenridge was the ideal place to just unwind =o) Thank you Lauren =o) Breckenridge was the ideal place to just unwind =o) Breckenridge was such a memorable trip =o)


  2. Thank you Lauren =o) Breckenridge was the ideal place to just unwind =o) Thank you Lauren =o) Breckenridge was the ideal place to just unwind =o) Breckenridge was such a memorable trip =o)


  3. I never think to get massages when I travel! That’s actually a really great idea. Unless I am somewhere tropical ,I always skip them. That burger looks so delicious! Sounds like you found some amazing little places in Breckenridge. 🙂

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com


  4. Loved this post!! I was just in Frisco this winter and spent quite a bit of time in Breckenridge and loved it! My boyfriend and I went together and barely did any research before so next time I go I am definitely keeping this post saved to remember 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark


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