Celebrating 20 years in America

“For me, being raised in a free American made all the difference” – Madeleine Albright (Czech born, raised American who became the first woman US Secretary of State)

Twenty years ago last month, I immigrated to the United States of America. As I look back and reflect on the last twenty years, I realize the sacrifices my mom made to bring me here. I am forever grateful that she did because I wouldn’t have the education or career I have now, two things that I cherish greatly. My hope was to have this post up in early January but with my studies and catching a nasty stomach virus I wasn’t able to post in time. After the recent political events, I still want to share and celebrate my immigration and keep this post as positive and uplifting as possible.
Growing up I was mainly raised in America but continuously went back to the Czech Republic throughout my childhood. I am a third culture kid (n. a child raised in a culture that is different of their parent’s culture for a significant part of their lives). Both cultures heavily influenced my upbringing and have shaped me into the person I am today. The opportunities and education I am lucky to have been offered, have lead me down the path of pursuing a degree in Architecture. A field of work that I am passionate about and love.
I have moments where I ask myself, what if I had never immigrated to the US? Would I still have wanted to become an architect? By having two countries to call home and two citizenships, I was able to constantly be traveling. My desire to become an architect grew from the travels with my family. Would I still be able to speak English this well? Sometimes I am surprised at myself for knowing and understanding so much in a second language. I will never have answers to these questions unless a time traveling device is invented and I can go back in time. What I do know is that I have my mom to thank for taking me on the biggest adventure.
x the Adventurer

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