Winter Adventure Essentials

Fall is long gone in Chicago and the cold winter days are here to stay. This weekend I am headed off to an even colder place – Toronto, Canada which I’m very excited about. I have only been to Vancouver for a few hours and then spent a week in Whistler so it will be fun exploring a city in a different part of Canada. To brace the cold I’ve put together some of the essentials I will be bringing with me to Toronto.

Gloves – Earlier this month I bought a cute pair of black Aldo gloves that I wanted to wear on this trip. As I was gathering my essentials for this flat lay I searched my entire home, car and office for them and can’t find them. Right when I bought them I knew I wouldn’t own them long because I am constantly losing gloves but this may be have been a new record. Yesterday R found them in his car! But to be on the safe side I will bring these mittens with me as well so I know my hands won’t freeze. Look for the Aldo pair of gloves in the upcoming blog post about our trip.

Red beanie – Hats are a must when traveling to a winter destination or else your head will freeze. This beanie was a gift from my best friend for Christmas a while back and I love the label in the front: “bad hair day”. Perfect for the many crazy hair days I have while commuting through the windy Chicago winters.

Watch – I always like to travel with a watch because it’s important to know what time it is whereever you are traveling to and my phone is not always reliable. I also packed a watch for my European adventure this past summer, read post here.

Warm Columbia socks – I bought these socks a few weeks ago and can’t get stop wearing them. They are quite possibly the warmest socks I’ve ever owned. I also have a tan pair and am thinking of buying a few more because they are so soft.

Sweater – I have a number of sweaters packed with me, this is one of my favorites I bought a couple of years ago from J.Crew. I’m also bringing along a cardigan to layer because I guarantee I will be freezing. While we are in Toronto it will be in the mid 30sF, around 0C which isn’t as terrible as it could be but you can never be too prepared.

Nine West backpack – This leather backpack was a hand me down from R’s mom. She was cleaning out her closet a few years ago and asked me if there were anything I wanted anything. That was at least four years ago and I didn’t even use the backpack until earlier this year. But I’m so happy I kept it for all those years because it’s perfect for travel and it holds all I need.

Big scarf – When my mom was in town a few weeks ago she bought me this Aldo scarf and now I wear it constantly. It’s so big! I love wrapping up in it on the way to/from work and the pattern has snowflakes on it, perfect for the winter season.

I can’t wait to see what Toronto has to offer and the food tour we booked! What are some of your winter essentials?

x the Adventurer

*This post is not a sponsored post, these are items I wanted to share with you that I bought and love.

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