Wine, Renoir and a black cat


Every fall Facebook reminds me of the many memories from my semester living in Paris. It was three years ago that I packed my bags and moved to a small apartment in Montmartre with two of my classmates. Almost every night we enjoyed glasses bottles of wine while looking out our living room window at the lively square below. One afternoon, during my first month of living in Montmartre, I escaped from my studies to venture to the last vineyard in Paris.

(Walking up to Musee de Montmartre


(Passing under the arch to the Renoir gardens)
Conveniently located five minutes away from our apartment, the Montmartre vineyard is an enchanting retreat from the tourist filled streets. As you pass under the Musee de Montmartre sign you enter a quiet garden and the entrance to 12 rue Cortot. Built in the seventeenth as a Bel Air house it is the oldest building in Montmartre.  Auguste Renoir, Suzanne Valadon and Emile Bernard were just some of the few artists who had their studios tucked away inside. If you get a chance to go inside you will find a collection of composed drawings, paintings and posters that illustrate the colorful history of Montmartre.
(Left: front gardens; Right: Exploring the back gardens)
(Inside the Musee de Montmartre)
(View from Renoir’s gardens towards the back of Sacre Coeur) 
(Left: Me; Right: Vineyard)


The quite garden you first enter is one of three gardens dedicated to Renoir and in memory of when he lived at 12 rue Cortot. During his stay he painted several of his masterpieces – The Moulin de la Galette (le Bal du Moulin de la Galette) and Rue Cortot Garden (Jardin de la rue Cortot). The gardens and view of the vineyard transport you to the French countryside and you forget you are just a few steps away from one of Paris’s famous landmarks, Sacre Coeur. Walking through Renoir’s gardens to the vineyard I felt I had found a little hidden gem.  
(Left: Vineyards; Right: Me looking out at the vineyards)
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