Three Years Ago in Montmartre

As I begin to look for a new place to move into in Chicago, I have been learning about new neighborhoods and parts of Chicago I had never really explored. This moving experience reminded me of my semester abroad in Paris. Exactly three years ago this week, I landed in Paris and began my adventure in the city of lights. My new neighborhood I would be calling home was the beautiful Montmartre. Overlooking all of Paris, Montmartre is home to Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Amelie, and for four months moi.

(Sacre Coeur)


(Left: Photo of me exploring the gardens behind Sacre Coeur; Right: Inside of Saint Pierre de Monmartre) 

Relishing a glass of wine in my new apartment above a busy café always bursting with music, I enjoyed two of my favorite hobbies: people watching and wine drinking. During those months living in Paris, I strolled through the streets and became familiar to the lively life in Montmartre. The neighborhood was sweet and I miss it at times, especially the local bakeries, shops and charming view from my apartment into the streets of Montmartre. As I search for a new apartment and I hope to find one in a neighborhood I really enjoy. Fingers crossed!

(This lovely couple sang and played music almost daily to the people sitting below at the cafe. My roommates and I always had our window open waiting to hear them)
(Sacre Coeur from the gardens
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