Essentials for Long Flights

Long airplane flights can take a toll on your skin, especially when flying for 9+ hours. During my trip to Europe last month I brought a few essentials in my carry on:
Neutrogena Deep Moisturizer Night Cream – I bought this cream for the winter months when my skin gets really dry. But it’s especially great for those long red eye flights. Before the plane takes off I made sure to moisturize with this cream so my skin is restored when I land. This cream is also soft on your hands.
Mini Hairbrush – this little brush is perfect for when I travel and it fits in my purse so I can brush my hair easily on the plane after hours of tossing and turning to find a comfortable position to sleep in.
Teddies Organic Rose WaterI’ve been reading a lot about rose water and how refreshing it is for long flights. After looking into a few different sprays I found this one online. It smells amazing and feels so great on my skin. I tested it on myself before I left to see if I had any reaction to it. I always recommend testing out new products before going abroad just in case you may be allergic to something in the product. Even though I have been back for a few weeks now I still love the misty feeling of spraying it on my face and the soft smell of roses =o)
Scarf – It always feels like the temperature on the plane is always below zero and freezing. I like to travel with a scarf that I can wrap around my neck for extra warmth or covery my head with when I sleep. I brought one of my favorite scarves with me on the trip, I bought it at Topshop last year for only $4! I love the palm leaf pattern.
Rituals Relaxing Serum – I bought this during a school trip to New York City two years ago and am in love with it. While traveling I dab a little on my temples or just below my jawline. The smell is so relaxing and gentle. Back at home I spread it on my temples before I go to sleep or when I have a stressful day ahead of me. Unfortunately Rituals no longer carries this serum but this one is similar, Dao Relaxing Serum
Water – hydrate, hydrate! Every time a stewardess comes around with water cups take one. Your skin can really dry out when traveling and it’s especially important to stay hydrated.
All of these essentials are great as well because they are small enough to fit into my bag and don’t exceed the 3ml liquid rule for carry ons.
What do you use on long overseas flights?
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48 thoughts on “Essentials for Long Flights

  1. In addition to hydrating cream, hair brush, scarf and lip balm, I also carry a cloth bag (like a shopping bag) to put my purse in so that it does not get dirty when I put it under front seat.


  2. I have no idea regarding these essentials! I thought we just have to bear it until we land. But next time I fly, I'd take into consideration your suggestions. Thanks for sharing!



  3. Great post! For long flights, I always bring my eye mask, melatonin drops, and Elizabeth Arden Good Night's Sleep cream. I agree about needing hydration. I always keep a water bottle stashed in the seat pocket.


  4. Thank you! I really pre planned what I wanted to take with me =o)

    I know I do! ugh I don't know if i'm being lazy or just busy with trying to find a new place to move to but I know I need to sign up one of these years =o)


  5. After seeing your comment about neutrogena making the list I went to look at all the skin cleansing products I own and they are all neutrogena! From my eye make up remover to face cleanser to my face lotion =o) I love all of their products and they work well with my skin! No worries about the late comment back, I had issues forever with my blog too about comments…technology, what can you do?!


  6. This list is pretty comprehensive when it comes to the essentials!!
    Thank you for the 5K run encouragement on my blog. I commented back… but over here to say you have until November to train!! Accomplish your goals and do the run!! Maybe I'll see you there? :o)

    All the Cute 🎀


  7. This post really came at the right time ,I hate long flights and i'm glad that the Neutrogena made the list because I have a range of their facial products and they work like magic. Great post.

    P.s sorry for the late response, I just saw your link on one of my old posts on the blog. Got to fix my disqus and Google platform as I never get alerts on new comments .


  8. Keeping myself hydrated and moisturised is something I've learned as well! Thanks for the tips! I love rose water; what a good idea to bring it along! I bet it makes the flight so much more bearable and maybe even feel like you're at a luxurious spa rather than in a cramped plane 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


  9. Ah I love little posts like this. It always reminds me of even just one thing I wouldn't have previously considered.. I agree though, just a pot of moisturiser & lots of water is the best thing! & a good long book. Can't go wrong ^_^

    Katie // Words by Katie


  10. I love your list ! I carry in my bag some eyedrops, facepowder and a light shade of lipstick. So even though the flight was long and I might look like a hot mess, I'll look a little more awake. hehe 🙂


  11. Katerina, the rose water sounds awesome! I think I'm going to look into it. I've been trying to come up with a new skincare routine. I need my skin to look more alive haha. Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

    Fariha |


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