"Light" Packing

A few days ago, I jetted off to Europe for a ten day adventure to Amsterdam, London and Prague. Packing was quite a task this trip because I wanted to bring as little with me but due to our busy itinerary and stops along the way I had to minimize how much I brought with me. Usually when you go on a trip it can be easy to pack because you are only bringing things you need for yourself. Most of my suitcase is filled with gifts for family in Prague, but I see those gifts as placeholders for things I will buy as I travel. In the end I managed to pack just enough =o)
Starting from top left going clockwise:
Keds – I had been looking for shoes for all of my summer adventures that would match most of my wardrobe. R bought these for me and I have worn them to Miami, Colorado and around Chicago and love how comfy they are!
Adapter – I bought this adapter four years ago in Prague because I had forgotten mine at home. This adapter is the best purchase I have ever made and it goes with me whenever I travel abroad. It can adapt to any circuit around the world!
Cottonelle wipes – I used to travel with hand sanitizer but with liquids being an issue on planes and having them explode in your purse, I have made the switch to wet wipes. You never know when these will come in handy.
Mini hairbrush – this was a recent purchase made especially for this trip. I usually have a large comb I bring with me, but because I knew I had limited space I bought a small one.
My fossil bag – this was first featured in my post about Miami (read here). It has definitely become one of my favorite bags I own. I’ve started to invest in my hand bags making sure I absolutely love it before I buy it.
Sunglasses – since my packing for Miami post I have not been able to find the Michael Kors sunglasses I photographed. When I was in Colorado I also managed to break a pair of sunglasses that I had had for several years. My grandma took me to Target to buy these =o)
Black wallet – usually I have my fossil wallet that R bought me for Christmas a few years ago, but it is rather large and so I decided to use this small one I got from my best friend in England (who we are going to visit this trip) from Topshop.
Nine West Heels – most euro trips don’t include high heels but because I will be attending my cousin’s wedding and going to the ballet I need to pack these.
Shorts – I’ve checked the weather for our destinations and it should be warm during most of our time in Europe, so shorts are a must but I only packed these two.
Leggings – we have quite a few flights ahead of us with a long overseas flight from Chicago to Europe. I want to stay warm and comfortable as we travel because I am usually freezing on airplanes. I invested in a few from Forever 21 (they were only $4!).
Shirts – these are three shirts I am packing with me (total I think I have eight or nine packed). A lot, I know, but with traveling, sight-seeing and dinner with family all in one day we may need to make an outfit change here and there.
Germany jersey – as many of you know the Euro Cup is currently going on in France. Many of you also know that R and I were planning on going to one of the games but due to the expensive cost of tickets we decided we would visit two other cities instead. I will still be rooting for my team (yes I know I should be rooting for the Czechs but since they didn’t make it out of their group I will be supporting my German men (especially Schweinsteiger).
Teddie Organics Rose Water – I’ve been reading a lot about rose water and how refreshing it is for long flights and when traveling. I looked into a few and found this one online. It smells amazing and feels so great on my skin. I tested it on myself before I left to see if I had any reaction to it. I recommend always testing out new products before using them abroad in case you have any allergies to the product.
Rituals Relaxing Serum – I bought this during a school trip to New York City two years ago and am in love with it. I usually spread it on my temples before I go to sleep or when I have a stressful day. It’s great for the plane too because it smells amazing and relaxes you.
Neutrogena Deep Moisturizer Night Cream – I use this moisturizer during the winter months when my skin gets really dry. On airplanes my skin dries out quickly so I need to moisture and feel like my skin is restored when I land.
Watch: You need to wear a watch when you travel so you know what time is it. Your phone is not always reliable.
Notebook: I have decided not to take my laptop with me so I will be taking notes in this notebook which I have been using for blog ideas. This was also given to me by my best friend in England =o)
Patagonia bag – my newest purchase for this trip. I have been looking for a proper backpack I can use when I travel and found this one at the Patagonia store downtown. I have been searching for about a year so this was definitely the one I wanted. Most important things will be in this bag with me as we travel, especially the dress to my cousin’s wedding because it took what felt like forever to find and was not the cheapest.
Umbrella – While looking at the weather I saw it may rain when we arrive and depart some of the cities. Instead of buying an umbrella while we travel, which I have done a few times now and found it to be the biggest waste of money because they usually break, I will be bringing my own. Let’s hope I don’t lose it =o)
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26 thoughts on “"Light" Packing

  1. I opened this up being like this is so good! Because I’m going on a weekend away soon, and then I read that yours was for a 10 day trip and I was SO IMPRESSED! You are such a strategic packer (I also looove that fossil bag! Haha). Hope you’re having a great trip! 🙂



  2. I need to get myself a nice little backpack. I also need to get myself some new shoes! I'd definitely second the whole watch thing. We turned up to a tour an hour early in Arizona because our phones got so confused with crossing the Utah/Arizona border so many times that it got stuck in whatever time zone. At least it was early and not late though haha!
    xo April | April Everyday


  3. I wish I could pack as well as you, amazing! Please do stop by my blog and leave a comment or follow, I would love to stay in touch with you, you seem lovely! x



  4. Packing posts are always so interesting. It seems like you have gotten packing down to quite the art. I tend to overpack, but lately, when I tell myself I am limiting myself to a certain size suitcase or backpack I tend to do a lot better. The problem for me is that I always have a ton of electrical equipment with me – laptop, external hard drive, camera, lenses, batteries, etc.

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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