Local tourist in Chicago

 It’s always nice to take a break from my hectic schedule and enjoy a day in the city being a tourist. This past weekend R and I celebrated his birthday by spending Sunday as tourists in our beautiful city of Chicago. An old friend (the friend I had visited in South Korea read posts here, here, here and here about my trip) made a spontaneous trip with her friends to Chicago, and when I say spontaneous I mean within a few minutes they exchanged their boarding passes from NYC to Chicago just as the gate was closing. Crazy right?
(Biking from the north side)

R and I love to be outside and are always active so we decided our form of transportation around the city would be by bike. Both of us own bikes but because we didn’t know where our adventures would take us we chose to rent Divvy Bikes. Divvy Bikes is Chicago’s bike sharing system that has bikes ready to be rented all around the city 24/7, 365 days a year. Stations are found all over the city and make it convenient for bikers to drop off their bikes. We purchased a day pass for $9.95 which allowed us to take as many trips as we wanted, but up to 30 minutes each. This I have to say is the downside of Divvy because after 30 minutes of riding you are charged an extra dollar for every half hour you continue to ride. If you find a Divvy station you can dock your bike and the time will restart once you remove the bike. This did make it harder to go longer distances but it was amusing searching for stations.

(My Divvy bike by the river front)
(By Fullerton Ave)
(By North Ave)
The best way to spend a Sunday morning is at brunch. R and I have been wanting to try out the pancakes at Wildberry Cafe for a while now but by the time we usually get there the wait is over an hour and a half. This time we had a plan to arrive earlier than usual, put our names down and then ride around while we waited to be called. It was absolutely worth the wait and preplanning. Our waiter seated us outside so we were able to enjoy people watching while we indulged ourselves in bacon and pancakes. I ordered the Signature Berry Bliss pancakes with vanilla angalise, blackberry coulis, berry mascarpone and fresh berries, and of course a side of bacon. R ordered the traditional buttermilk pancakes, biscuits and gravy and a side of bacon. The food did not disappoint and before we knew it our plates were empty. If you go there I recommend ordering the Signature Berry Bliss, it was like a plate of berry heaven =o)
(Signature Berry Bliss pancakes)
After brunch we rode around for a while before meeting up with my friends. The river walk along Chicago River has been under construction recently and R and I were curious to see the new additions. It’s great to see Chicago flourish with new architecture and landscape every year. Once we met up with my friends, they saw that we had Divvy bikes and wanted to join us. We biked around Millennium Park, through Grant Park and south to Museum Campus, taking pictures with the skyline and biking along the water’s edge. The weather was cooler than it had been the last few days and the breeze from Lake Michigan was refreshing. Most of the tourist spots or landmarks have Divvy bike stations near them which made it easy for us to choose our next destination. Knowing more of the area, R and I showed my friends where to go while experiencing parts of Chicago we hadn’t visited in a while. Being a tourist in your own city reminds you of where you live and to take pride in the city you call home.
(Jay Pritzker Pavilion)
(Grass in front of the Pritzker Pavilion with the Art Institute in the background)
(Lurie Garden in Millennium Park)
(Flower in Lurie Garden)
 After a few hours of biking around R and I headed back up north to get ready for his birthday dinner (the location was a surprise! Post about it coming soon). The wind had picked up significantly while we rode up along the lake that I have to say I got a killer workout that day and don’t need to hit the gym anytime soon =o)
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34 thoughts on “Local tourist in Chicago

  1. Haha your comment made me smile =o) I know what you mean about the wait being long everything so we planned for a long wait and tried to get there before the morning rush. I've never been to eggy! I will have to check it out =o)

    Thank you for your sweet comment =o)


  2. Ohh my gosh… I swear! EVERY time I've been in the city and wanted to go to Wildberry for breakfast or brunch… the wait is ALWAYS an hour and half! Like what!? Lol!! Tip: Right around the corner (like sort of but within walking distance) is this place called Eggy! Ahhhhmazing brunch spot! Check it out next time Wildberry lets you down. Also, there are Wildberry's in the 'burbs, the one in Schaumburg by Woodfield Mall usually has a wait of 30 mins or less… and same goodness!

    Darling photo of you and your man at the end… loving your “Adore” tee!!

    All the Cute 🎀
    Today's Post: Floral Swing Tank


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