Miami Part I

Soaking up the sun in Miami over the weekend was exactly what I needed to relax and recharge from a long winter. It was also a chance for me to reunite with my mom, celebrating her birthday, mother’s day and indulging ourselves in Miami culture. Even though I was in Miami for literally almost 48 hours, I wanted to share with you my recommendations on where to stay, what to do and where to eat.

 | Where to stay |

(Casa Claridge)
(Three story atrium)

Staying away from the over commercialized hotels, it has been more fun to stay in places that have character and a uniqueness so we booked our stay just a five minute drive from South Beach, at Casa Claridge’s. Casa Claridge’s is a Mediterranean influenced building first built in the 1920’s as El Paraiso Apartments. Years later it was renovated to preserve the original design and details and turned into a hotel. The moment you stepped into the lobby a fresh aroma of lavender and something heavenly (I couldn’t figure out what that amazing smell was!) transported you away from the busy streets of Miami. My favorite part about the hotel was the stunning three story atrium in the middle of the hotel that had colorful fabric tapering from the ceiling and that it was a two minute walk to the beach where lounge chairs were waiting for us.


(entry to Casa Claridge)
(Left: view from top story of Casa Claridge; Right: enjoying a morning stroll along the beach by our hotel)

 | Where to eat |

Honestly, any restaurant you step into in Miami will taste some of the most mouth-watering flavors. We were lucky to experience a few incredible foods on our culinary tour (Read post here)
(Left: Breakfast room at Casa Claridge; Right: breakfast from our hotel, so delicious!)

 | What to do |

Shopping in Miami is very posh, instantly you feel chic and glamorous just walking down Collins Street or under the palm trees of Lincoln Road Mall. My mom and I explored both shopping districts in search of cute Brazilian swim suit and the latest styles. I highly recommend checking either of these places out for some of the best shopping or restaurants.
(Ocean Drive restaurant)
(Versace mansion)

While traveling one of my favorite things to do is people watch. I could especially spend hours watching people on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. Our culinary tour took us through the south beach neighborhood and as our group walked I was so entertained by the people I saw that I almost lost my group a few times. Bars, restaurants and colorful art deco hotels line up along Ocean Drive bursting with people dancing, drinking massive cocktails, and eating some of the best Miami cuisine. (Read my post here).

(One of the many drinks you can enjoy in south beach)


(The Tides hotel in South Beach)

As an architect I love discovering new architecture when I travel. The historical art deco district in South Beach was fun to explore because I am working on art deco inspired projects at work. I was very excited to finally see the Versace mansion, the luxurious mansion that was owned by Gianni Versace and has now been turned into a boutique hotel. Speaking of places that are unique and have character, you can spend the night at the mansion but prices begin in the low thousands per night.


(South beach)

And of course there is the beach! We spent the afternoon lounging in the water by Lincoln Road Mall. What I really like about the ocean in Miami is the temperature and how shallow the water is. There are sandbars sprinkled along the water’s edge so you can sit in a few inches of water as small waves wash up around you or venture out deeper and enjoy the warm gulf current, it’s like having a huge bath tub. A side note while in Miami Beach: it is the only nude beach in America.

(South beach)
(South beach, a massive storm was coming as I took these photos, see top right)
(Beach access by our hotel)
My weekend in Miami was short yet sweet and I hope I can return soon. It wasn’t my first time in Florida but I did get to explore a new part of the southern state, checking that off my list of adventures for 2016 (read about my 2016 adventures here)
Links to places I mentioned:
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  1. I'm so glad I sparked an interest in Miami =o) It was a really great trip, even if just for two days. I hope you get a chance to explore Miami soon =o) Also just posted about my experience on the Miami Culinary tour =o)


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