Derby Day

On Saturday morning ladies around the US put on the biggest and most colorful hats they owned and headed to the 142nd Derby day. Derby day is celebrated at race tracks across the country on the day of the famous Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The day always falls on the first Saturday of May and marks the beginning of the two week long Kentucky Derby festival. I dug out my largest hat that morning to wear at the Arlington International Racecourse where we were celebrating a friend’s birthday. The AIR is only a forty five minute train ride north of Chicago, long enough to relax and enjoy a few adult beverages inconspicuously.
(Entrance of Arlington International Racecourse)



(One of my betting tickets! I bet this one based on the name)


 It felt like a spring fashion show as we headed through the gates of the racecourse, everywhere I looked there were hats of all shapes and sizes and girls dressed in beautiful spring dresses. The guys in our group were eager to place bets on horses while I just bet on horses with cool names or good statistics. In the end I didn’t win anything but just having those $2 on a horse made each race so exhilarating to watch. Throughout the day we wandered from the stands to the track and even took time to explore the grounds to find the stables where the horses warmed up and jockeys mounted their horses. Seeing the horses up close reminded me of when I used to horse back ride when I was younger.The weather forecast had called for thunderstorms all day but we were lucky to have sun for most of the day with some windy moments here and there. We couldn’t have asked for a better day (well except if one of my horses had won) to spend at the race tracks, enjoying the races in good company.
(Friend’s cute ring!)


(Horses warming up before the races)


(Jockey mounting horse)
(They even had ostrich races!)


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61 thoughts on “Derby Day

  1. Well you must go! It's such an event, I hope we get to go again next year because it was such a fun day =o) You get to dress up and wear fun hats, it's really worth it =o) Thank you! I'm glad you like the photos, I took as many as I could and checked them once I got home to see how they turned out and was very pleased with myself =o) Thanks for sharing how you found my blog =o) Hope you continue to follow my adventures =o)


  2. Oh, man, we moved to kentucky about seven years ago (I can't believe I just wrote that WHAT) and I had never even heard of the derby before I moved here but man alive it's all people talk about for all of April and most of May. Both of my older sister's go to school downtown and they get out a week before derby to avoid traffic. It is IN-SANE. and let's not even talk about thunder over louisville (which you can shorten to “thunder” and no one bats an eye.) But I guess all cities have their quirks. I'm glad you were able to come see it! The horses do always have the funnest names, don't they??

    I love the shots you captures – I can only imagine how hard horses are to take photos of!!

    Found your blog through your comment on ABM and loving your photos!!


  3. Looks like you had a great time! Love you ring.
    Ps; hope you have an awesome time in Miami. Looking forward to the post.

    Funmi x


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