Amsterdam Adventure Coming Soon!

Only 49 days until R and I pack our bags and begin our Europe adventure!! We are in the planning stages of what we want to do for the one full day we will have in the city of canals, Van Gogh, Stroopwafels, and of course very liberal rules. R and I have both been to Amsterdam but on separate trips so this will be our first visit to the city together. Thinking about our upcoming trip made me look through some of my photos from my previous trip to Amsterdam.
(Reversed mirrored residences found east of the city center)
(Zeeburg bridge above Piet Heintunnel the Pynthonbrug by architect Santiago Calatrava) 
While studying abroad in Paris our class took a six day trip to Amsterdam with a day trip to Rotterdam and Utrecht. From the moment we got off the train I fell in love with the charming streets and picturesque architecture. After studying architecture and surrounding myself with it I have begun to notice the intricacies of buildings. Now when I visit a new city I am more aware of my surroundings by studying the buildings and streetscapes. Wandering with our class through the residential blocks of Amsterdam allowed me to see and feel everyday life in Amsterdam, away from the tourist locations. We explored the winding streets and canals of Amsterdam by foot and I never had a chance to see the city by bike so this trip our plan is to rent a bike and see the city in a different perspective. It will be so much fun seeing a city we both adore together.
Do you have any recommendations of what we could pick to in Amsterdam? Places to enjoy food and drinks?
(Left: Housing above Vapiano; Right: Housing in Zeeburg)


(Nemo Science Center)
x the Adventurer

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58 thoughts on “Amsterdam Adventure Coming Soon!

  1. Nice pictures ! I'd love to see more of them once you get back from Amsterdam 🙂

    If you're looking for something to do for a day I would highly suggest a boat trip, and the Jordaan area, it's beautiful and you can do the 9 Straaten (9 streets) that are near by 🙂

    You can also find some location in my post “Must See in Amsterdam” :

    Great article ! 🙂

    Kenza from


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