What I’ve Learned Living Alone

(Slice of my banana bread I made this weekend and my coffee mug I got for Christmas from my sister; get it here)

Last summer I packed up what few things I had and moved into a studio apartment. I moved from living with two boys on the south side of Chicago to living in a 400 square foot apartment in Wrigley. I didn’t even leave the city but my new apartment felt worlds away from my old place. Over the past few months I have learned a few things about myself and the beauty of having your own place:

| You can do whatever you want, whenever you want |
My favorite part of living alone is that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. There is no one judging or commenting about what I am doing. If I want to spend an entire evening practicing yoga in my underwear, I can. If I want to stuff my face with chocolate for dinner while binge watching Netflix in my kitchen, I can. It’s my space and I have the freedom to do as I please.
| You set the bar for keeping the apartment clean |
Although I am a very neat and tidy person there are days when I come home and am in absolutely no mood to clean or do the dishes. Luckily there is no one to tell me to clean and pick up after myself and I can get to it in the morning. Most importantly I don’t have to tell a roommate to clean up after themselves or come home to a mess I didn’t make.
| You can’t blame your roommate |
I learned this one just a few weeks ago. One afternoon I came home, exhausted from work and wanted to snack on a spoonful of Nutella, but couldn’t find it in the pantry. I ended up finding it hiding in the fridge and furiously said (out loud) “who the hell put the Nutella in the fridge?!?!” Of course I am the only one who could have put it there, there was no one else to blame. I also don’t have to worry about anyone eating my food or using my stuff.
|You have a lot of “me time” |
Throughout university I lived with a variety of different roommates. Although I enjoyed the many memories we made I could not wait for those quiet moments when I had the apartment to myself. Now every night is me time, time where I can unwind and relax from a day at work.
| Coming home is stress free |
I don’t have to worry about coming home to an apartment crowded with my roommate’s friends, a messy kitchen that I would have to end up cleaning, or after a bad day just relaxing without being bothered by anyone. Sure it can get lonely to come home to no one but I do get to borrow the kitties R and I share when he goes out of town so I do look forward to the days I watch them.
Living alone has been and adventure and I recommend living alone even if it’s just for a few months because you learn about yourself and enjoy the peacefulness of your own space.
x the Adventurer

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48 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned Living Alone

  1. “who the hell put the Nutella in the fridge?!?!” nobody but yourself haha. I couldn't agree more. I enjoy most of my 'me time' you can do whatever you wanna do and no need to worry somebody yell at ya because you're not cleaning your room or put your towel or dress not at its place. But then I am too comfort with it and feeling lonely sometimes 😦

    Dayu | Fairytale Odyssey


  2. A great post 🙂 It's certainly nice to have freedom when you live alone. I haven't lived with flatmates before. I live with my partner and it's great to share responsibility together.

    Glad you're enjoying living by yourself 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and some great encouragements for those about to live on their own for the first time.

    Laura xo



  3. Haha you're so cute! “if I want to spend a day practicing yoga in my underwear, i can” And yes living alone is definitely nice and not having to worry about anyone eating ur food lol. When I lived with roommates and would come home after work all my food would be gone.. I'm like wth? seriously. I really enjoyed reading this post<3. And it's so very true!



  4. It's a lot of fun but yes it can get lonely. I have my boyfriend over a few nights in the week or I'm at his place so it's not too bad, and inviting friends without asking anyone if it's ok has it's perks! =o)


  5. Living alone definitely means “me time”. I'm imagining myself in the future living alone and inviting friends in my house, that would probably be delightful. I hope you're not feeling lonely at all, invite some friends in sometimes. Lovely post and photo, anyway.
    Love, Fads


  6. Thank you =o) It has been fun living alone for me and I would also choose to live alone, except with my boyfriend (lived with him before..long story but due to work we lived in separate areas) Thanks for reading and I can't wait to hear about your new apartment =o)


  7. I think you have really hit the nail on the head with the lessons you have learnt so far about living alone. While there are also some negative things about living alone and some really awesome aspects of living with others, as someone who has done both but has lived alone for the past few years, I can confidently say that I would choose living on my own everytime.

    Rae | Love from Berlin


  8. Very true, living alone does cost a bit more than when living with roommmates. But I found it to be worth it, especially for my sanity since I did have some pretty messy roommates. Thank you for checking out my blog =o) and I hope you get the chance to have your own place, even if just for a little bit =o)


  9. Oh right! I forgot about decorating the place how ever you want =o) Hope you have the chance to enjoy your own space, it's quiet a treat. And yes haha, the nutella incident, I still laugh at it today =o)


  10. That's so brave of you to have moved away on your own! It sounds like it's going well, and I couldn't agree more with these. I have yet to live on my own as I've always lived with roommates, and will do the same in a few weeks just to save money in the beginning, but I agree with all of these! Alone time is so essential and wonderful to have, and you truly can't blame anyone else for your messes or mistakes- which I think would be great for me so that I could take responsibility for myself. This was a lovely post, I really admire your positivity with living alone and hope I can one day afford to do the same 🙂

    My Lovelier Days


  11. Dang girl your picture has made me want to go make myself a cut of coffee, when I'm already sitting in bed. I do dream of having my own space one day. I think though it's not going to happen until my boyf and I have our own place and then he can leave town to go stay at my parents home or something. Haha. I also can't wait, either way to do the decoration and other interior design. And thank you for the laughs at the Nutella incident. I would yell too.

    xxoBeka – http://www.bekaellen.com


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