This past weekend I spent most of my time outdoors, practicing yoga, watching R cut down trees and creating some tropical smoothies for the work week ahead. The warm summer weather inspired me to create a few variations of fruit filled drinks to cheer me up during my early mornings at work. I headed to the store without a list and picked out any fruit that looked like it would be delicious in a smoothie. By the end of my fruity shopping spree this is what was in my cart:

5 Bananas
2 Passion Fruit
1 Dragonfruit
2 Papaya
2 Kiwi
1 container of strawberries
1 Sambazon Acai Berry juice
1 Melon
1 Pineapple
1 Ginger root
6 16 oz Ball Mason Jars
With no set recipe I washed and cut up the fruits and began to mix and match combinations that looked like they would taste good. Of course I had to sample some of the fruit to remember the tastes, I don’t regularly eat passion fruit or dragon fruit even though now I will because they are delicious!! Ginger was a new ingredient I had never tried making anything with so this was the perfect opportunity to play with the flavor.  I added half or full cup of juice to each smoothie to make it more like a juice smoothie and some ice.

First Smoothie


I stayed safe with mixing flavors at first with just these usual fruits I know go well together. The end result was delicious but for the next drink I wanted to try a more fun combination.

Second Smoothie

I added more juice this time to create more of this variation and ended up filling 2 mason jars to share with R.

Third Smoothie

Time to add ginger. Cutting it up I knew it would be strong so I only cut a small piece and nibbled a piece off. Wow! Ginger is strong, so I only added in a little piece and the end flavor was exactly the kick in my smoothie I was looking for.

Fourth Smoothie

I started to see a pattern with the color of my drinks, they were all purple like the acai berry juice I was using, so even though the combinations of fruit were changing, the acai berry color was over powering the colors of the other fruit. Next time I think I will use coconut water for my liquid addition instead of such a thick juice, but that’s why I was experimenting =o)

Fifth Smoothie

I threw the rest of the fruit and juice I had and some pieces I had cut of the pineapple and melon into the blender and the result was another mouthwatering combination of tropical fruits =o)

Final Result

(They all ended  up looking similar in color so here the fourth smoothie combination)

I am very happy with how all my smoothies turned out. They have brightened up my morning commutes to work this week and have me excited for my adventure to Miami coming up next month.

Do you have any smoothie combinations you like to make to get in the summer mood?
x the Adventurer

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