How to Budget for an Adventure

These past few weeks I have begun planning a trip to Czech for my cousin’s wedding and to reunite with family and friends. Planning an adventure like this is one of my favorite things to do, I love searching for places to stay, planning how we will get from one place to another and especially get a good deal. I wanted to share with you some of my tips on how to budget for your adventure =o)
  1. Look around and do your research before you buy – before R and I started booking our flight we looked at a few different cities we wanted to stop and see before we got to Czech. Having only two weeks off for vacation a year, this time we spend traveling is very valuable and we wanted to make the most out of our trip. It was more cost friendly for us to fly into Amsterdam, a city we both fell in love with and had wanted to visit together since we had both been there on separate trips. Staying in Amsterdam isn’t the cheapest and I looked through hotels, hostels, and finally ended up at Airbnb. I had used Airbnb once before while studying abroad and had a good experience. I ended up finding a charming little apartment near the center of the city for a great deal. From Amsterdam we are flying to London to see my best friend and I knew of some small European airlines that had good deals. I struck gold with a $27 flight from Amsterdam to London with EasyJet Airlines! I couldn’t believe it but I am so glad I took the time to compare flights and accommodations.
  2. Stay at a friend’s (or family) – luckily in London we are staying with my best friend. London is very expensive to begin with and so having a place to stay will help us spread out our travel budget. Also a great thing about staying with a friend is you get to catch up while playing tourist in their home city.
  3. Spread purchases out – the price of traveling abroad can be intimidating especially when traveling from one continent to another. R and I spaced our purchases out starting with the biggest: our flight from America to Europe. After we got past the shock and feeling of just spending a whole paycheck on an airplane ticket we gave our wallet a break. About a week or two later I began looking for accommodations in Amsterdam, the week after for our flight from Amsterdam to London, a week later our flight from London to Prague and lastly our stay in Prague (which I am currently finalizing). Week by week we slowly made our way through each purchase without having a complete nervous breakdown.
  4.  It’s ok to say no – the hardest part about our trip was having to say no to going to the Euro Cup. It has been my dream to go to a Euro Cup or World Cup game and it was one of my adventure goals for this year. This summer the Euro Cup games will be in France and I have been wanting to show R Paris and where I lived while I studied abroad. The day the tickets officially came out I was on my computer first thing in the morning looking up tickets and to my disappointment the tickets were way out of our price range. The time we were planning on being in Paris there would be only one game and the cheapest tickets were several hundred dollars. I knew prices would be high for a game so late in the tournament but not knowing what teams we would see and spending so much was not worth it. I was upset for a few days but I had to be realistic about how much money I was going to spend on the trip.


There are so many different budgeting tips out there but these are some of the ones that have helped me budget for my trip. I have just a few little things to finish planning and I can’t wait to share my adventure this summer! Do you have any travel budgeting tips?

Why the pineapple? Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, friendship and welcome around the world.


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50 thoughts on “How to Budget for an Adventure

  1. Sad to hear you won't be able to make it to France for the Euros! I personally am obsessed with football – I volunteered for a month at the previous Euros in 2012 in Kyiv, and this time I'm attending a semifinal in Marseille (we got our tickets last July). Watching from the fan zone is so much fun too! Hope you'll be able to make it to Russia in 2018 or one of the European cities in 2020 when Euros games will be played all over Europe 🙂


  2. I think spreading out your purchases is a great strategy, as well as buying things well in advance. Then it doesn't feel like such a financial burden. Especially if you are able to suck up those expenses from a monthly budget over a few months. Great post!



  3. I don't have any major trips planned this somewhere, but maybe something locally. My dad is a huge soccer fan and I know the Euro cup for him would be a dream for him also! I can't imagine how pricey the tickets must be for an event like this. Great post! Loved the budget friendly tips:-)


  4. thank you! I hope you have as much fun planning your summer adventure as I have =o) also after reading your post the other day I just roasted some chick peas and will try the avocado toast for my lunch tomorrow so again thank you for the recipe =o)


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