Spring Colors

The first day of spring has finally arrived. Flowers and trees are starting to bloom with color, erasing the bareness of winter. Bursts of color is also found on the walls of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. A few weeks ago I happily accepted my friend’s invitation to see the pop art design exhibit currently being displayed at MCA. The exhibit not only displays some of the work done by the most well-known pop art artist, Andy Warhol, but also furniture influenced by the pop art era. My friend and I walked through the galleries of the museum catching up on each other’s lives while taking in the vibrant art pieces. I have found that museums are calm and relaxing places to visit with a friend. The atmosphere is quiet, there is no rush, and you flow from one curated space to another. It is so therapeutic and a small escape from the constant movement of city life around us.

(Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago)
(Andy Warhol piece)

Outside the sun was shining yet the air was cool with a chill breeze (well more like violent gusts of wind, this is Chicago after all) but it was the first day of spring so we decided to walk along Michigan Ave to Eataly. Eataly is a lively restaurant filled with mouthwatering Italian cuisine and market place. It was my first time, but definitely not my last. In some ways it reminded me of an Ikea but for Italians instead of Swedes. Unfortunately I did not take many photos because I am still a bit camera shy when it comes to pulling out my camera and snapping dozens of photos. I used to not care but since I started to take photography a bit more seriously I want to take my time with each photo, learning to capture the composition more than just a picture. Our lunch was absolutely delicious and we treated ourselves to some tasty gelato. It is always so nice to catch up with a friend on a Sunday morning.


(Left: Mr. Hancock standing tall in the morning sun; Right: my pesto and prosciutto ravioli at Eataly)

I hope you enjoyed your first day of spring!

x the Adventurer


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37 thoughts on “Spring Colors

  1. Sounds like you had such a fun day. I almost went to MOCA when I was in Chicago back in September but my feet were starting to hurt due to breaking in new shoes so unfortunately I missed out! BUT we are getting an Eataly in Los Angeles soon which is pretty exciting!



  2. Lovely photos. It's crazy how different art museums can be very hectic and claustrophobic but others are so serene. Glad you had a fun time!


  3. thank you! it was great to see his work in person =o)

    i saw on your blog that you live in montreal now, you must have gotten some of the snow this week? we had snow last night! I couldn't believe it =o)


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