Twenty Four

Twenty four is not the most significant birthday, I can drink, smoke, drive and get married in just about any country in the world. Twenty four isn’t old, I know but sometimes I feel older looking back at what I have already done in my life, the accomplishments and the family and friends that have been there to watch me grow. I feel like I have left my childhood behind, the official end and the start of adulthood. I am excited to see what’s to come and to celebrate my twenty fourth birthday! The last five years I have had to work on my projects for midterms, but this year I finally have the freedom to celebrate without worrying about school. This past weekend R and I traveled up to Wisconsin for a day of skiing and staying the night in Milwaukee. We had a blast exploring the mini Chicago and taking a mini vacation. I will post photos of our trip soon.
I’ve made twenty four trips around the sun, I hope this one is just as adventurous =o)
x the Adventurer

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Travel, food and wellness blog written by a twenty something year old girl always dreaming of adventures with a cup of coffee in hand.

30 thoughts on “Twenty Four

  1. Happy birthday – I also turned 24 in December, and it makes me feel older but not too wise (hahah) and usually I just feel like I'm a child and I'm lost in this world. But we just gotta learn and try and be the responsible adult, huh? 😉

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym


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