Paris Fashion Week on Oak Street

(Corner of Oak St and Rush St)

In honor of Paris fashion week, I took a stroll through Oak Street to indulge myself in some fashion. I couldn’t have picked a better morning, the sun was shining, it was over 40F/4C and R wanted to come along while I took photos. I had been waiting to see the newly renovated Prada store exterior since last fall and was welcomed by the stunning white façade. It was clean and elegant in the morning light, setting itself apart from the surrounding buildings. From Giorgio Armani to Kate Spade to Dolce & Gabbana I got to enjoy a morning window shopping some of my favorite designers. I hope one of these times I can be in Paris during Fashion week but for now my walks along Oak Street will have to do =o)

(Window shopping)

(And some more window shopping, and that’s me in the pink coat)

(Stores along Oak St)

(Newly renovated Prada store)

(some more of my favorite stores)

(Entrance into Barney’s)

(Left: Dolce and Gabana; Right: Yves Saint Laurent)

(walking to lunch with the bf in the reflection)

x the Adventurer


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