My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this weekend so I wanted to share this video with you because my valentine helped film it and is in it. 
During the spring semester of my fourth year at architecture school I was fortunate to take a filmography class Image City: Meditation of Space.  In class we studied the interaction between media and the city from the nineteenth century to present day. Technological innovations throughout the past two hundred years are a large part of the progress of the contemporary city. While creating and watching our own videos our class studied how every space we create or encounter has to be considered mediated.
Never having made my own videos I self-taught myself Adobe After Effects, the video and visual effects software. After watching several youtube video tutorials I managed to figure out the basics, something I was very proud of because my technology skills only go so far.  I submitted this video for my final project and am happy to say I got an A in the class.
Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

P.S this is my first video post, so I apologize if it doesn’t work right, hopefully I will figure out how to post videos properly. I know clicking on this video should take you to youtube.
xx the Adventurer


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