2016 Adventures

Looking back on 2015 I had a year filled with life changing adventures: graduating from architecture school, finding a job, moving into an apartment by myself and learning to be on my own. Having happily achieved all these goals last year, I began to think what I wanted to achieve this year. Food and travel are two of my favorite things so as I sat down to write my list of adventures I kept those two in mind.
  1. Visit a southeastern state in the US – For some reason the southeastern part of the US has caught my interest recently and I would love to explore a new state in that region. It is a part of the United States that I have read a lot about in school and in my free time and I enjoy a glass of southern comfort. So why not read a book with a glass of southern comfort in the south this year?
  2.  Learn to make chocolate – Last March when I was in St. Lucia my mom took me to Hotel Chocolat where we took a class on how to make chocolate from scratch. After that class I was determined to go back home and only eat chocolate I made myself. But with my school course load and later on working full time I never got a chance to make chocolate. I still have cocoa sticks from St. Lucia and cocoa butter I found at Whole Foods (the right cocoa butter did take a few months to find) waiting for me. This year I hope to spend my afternoon making chocolate and then enjoy the rest of the evening eating it.
  3. Visit a new country – I love to explore new and unfamiliar places. Last year I took a spontaneous trip to South Korea to visit a friend and that was an adventure I will never forget. In 2016 I hope to travel somewhere new again and see a new part of the world.
  4. Further my yoga practice – When I was in high school my mom took me to my first yoga class and I since then I had always wanted to continue throughout university. I tried taking a few classes at my university but there were in held in a small squash court with bright florescent lighting, not an ideal spot for practicing yoga. Last year I found a studio in the city that I feel in love with. With school being over I had a more relaxed schedule and now go once or sometimes twice a week. It is a Bikram yoga studio which means that it is 105 F (40.5 C) in the room where we practice 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. Having gained confidence in my yoga practice there, I continued to build a home practice and now make it to my mat more than four times a week. I hope to push myself more and build strength and patience (especially patience since I have none) through my yoga this year. 
  5. Go to a Euro Cup game – Although I do not follow the numerous soccer/fotbal leagues around the world, I love to follow the Euro and World Cups. This year the Euro Cup is in France and I hope to return to the country I called home for four months in 2013. I will be representing my two teams – Czech and Germany. As a proud Czech I follow my national team, and as a lover of Bastian Schweinsteiger I follow Germany.
Cheers to 2016 Adventures! 
x the Adventurer 
p.s my yoga studio: 105f

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Travel, food and wellness blog written by a twenty something year old girl always dreaming of adventures with a cup of coffee in hand.

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